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- CRystal Vision-

The most exclusive, high vibe, and transformational experience of 2020 has landed!

The 12 Month High Level Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their next level of success through energetic strategy and business strategy.

A new decade has arrived, welcome to 2020 a year of CRYSTALLIZING your vision!

Are you a biz womxn who is ready to do the inner work aligned with the business strategy so that you can cultivate success, clients, and income with ease? 


This is for you if:

  • If your ready to live out your destiny fearlessly. Master the art of your soul messaging and refine who you serve

  • Double your income with no more added time on your schedule.

  • Finally be able to build a business that you can do full time or scale to a new height!

  • To release the limiting beliefs and narratives that are keeping you from where you want to go.

  • Self Sabotaging your success? Scared to be visible? This is for you!

  • Be in a supportive and high vibe container of sisters on the same journey. It’s better together ;)

  • You want consistent income, amen sister! (and passive!!!)

  • Deep rooted trust, confidence, and self worth!

If your heart is saying YES, you’ve landed in the right place!

In the mastermind we will be going over the exact method I used to create a multiple six figure business in less than a year with confidence, alignment, trust, and expression.

What does our month look like together:

Monthly Group Business Coaching

1:1 high level Support

Workbooks and other masterclasses

Private FaceBook Group

Monthly Energetic Strategy and Rituals

And, Guest Coaches (to be announced soon)

I am a VIP Babe!

** 1 day VIP RETREAT DAY (VIP option) **

The Application:

EARLY BIRD GIVEAWAY: 2 Months free group coaching once you sign up! (valued at $3000)

*** Overview of the year will be shared on our call together ***

What Womxn are Saying:

"more sales (+1,000 more per month and online store) and Brand Awareness!” (Update: travelling to paint her art on walls and selling online with ease)

Here’s what Justine shared about Brittany:

She's such a delightful soul. I really appreciate her calming energy and the way she infuses technical support with a spiritual approach to her sessions which you would think are opposites but it works for her! She's the breath of fresh air I needed and would put me on the spot and force some realizations in a soft and endearing way. This was key for me because I couldn't work with someone that's too harsh (considering my business and brand is an extension of who I am) yet I still think it's important to have someone provide constructive criticism and an eye opening perspective which is exactly what she provided.
I think the most insightful lesson I learned about this overall experience and year have been to invest in yourself/ your business. The investments I've made including her coaching, conferences, inventory, supplies etc has been huge for allowing me to make more sales and create stronger brand awareness. 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you!! xo

-Justine Marie, JMS

“Under charging to $36,000 Month sales and being sought after in the industry” (Update: over 6 figures with 2 offers in less than 12 months)

Here’s What Karey shared about Brittany:

Do It and you're welcome.  haha!    Brittany really helped me to see my worth.  She helped me feel more confident about getting a higher price for my service, she helped me simplify and structure my business that really serves me and my customer well.  She helped me to be a better version of myself for my business and help me put clear boundaries in place to protect my energy.  She helped me just be.  There were a lot of conditionings that had to be undone and once they were, business and life got so much easier.  She is an amazing human being who offered so much love and support.  She's a soulful badass who is really really smart.  She lovingly called me on my shit when needed and got me out of my own way and onto an amazing business.  You get what you pay for in one session and the rest is a bonus!  Being able to talk to Brittany every week, pick her brain, and be accountable to the goals she helped me create was everything I needed to really get my business to take off.  For anyone considering hiring Brittany, take my advice and just do it (ok maybe that is Nikes advice but I am using it!  lol).

-Karey Kapell, Next Level Business Coaching

She is amazing! When we first met and I found out what she did I knew deep down this was someone I was going to work with at some point on my journey. When that opportunity came I jumped on it and knew immediately after we started that I made the right choice. She brings a very welcoming energy and environment and an intuitive creative energy to the process. She has helped open up a lot of doors in my mind about the way a business can be run that is very different from the norm.

- Lindsay, Founder of Mindful Living Movement

I see you!

It’s time to rise lady!

Let’s do this together!

It’s about elevating our energy to call in the success, the income, the clients, and the business model that is designed for YOU!



+ I am a new entrepreneur is this mastermind for me?

YES!!!!! 109% Yes this mastermind will be incredible for your foundation, clarity, building out your offerings, and cultivating confidence with your messaging. We become the 5 people we spend the most of our time with. Imagine spending 12 months in a sacred container with mega inspiring biz babes who are already in business or starting.

+ I've been in business for quite some time; is this for me?

YES!!!!! 109% this mastermind will amplify and take you to a whole new level. It's about being willing to show up, do the work, and be open to growing. There isn't a finish line and I believe no matter how far along we are on our journey there is always room for expansion. Ask yourself "Are you making the income you truly are capable of making? and, do you have the time freedom you desire?"

This mastermind will be SO beneficial for the womxn whose been in business but doesn't have much balance, attached to her phone, and hustles with no time to simply be.

+ I'm new to spirituality and don't know how it applies to business?

You aren't new; you have just forgotten you are an energetic being.

Pairing energetic (spiritual work) mastery with business strategy (the mind) is the method of billionaires. They are deeply tapped into what's happening energetically.

Balancing both the inner work and the action in systems and strategies! We NEED both and the quickest way to scale our business is doing the inner work alongside the implementation of the strategy.

Group teachings are POWERFUL as we all come together and support each other. Imagine dropping into a space of womxn who are on the same path. A sacred container!

+ When does the Mastermind Start?

We will begin January 2020. All details will be given to you when you are accepted into the mastermind. Early bird includes 2 month pre-mastermind coaching (valued at $3000) ! Questions about times and time zone? No worries, drop me a message at

+ Who is this program for?

All service based entrepreneurs looking to build, scale, and create freedom based businesses on and offline.

If you are:

  • Coaches
  • Healers
  • Yogi + Reiki + Nutritionist
  • Photographers
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Overall biz babe with a deep desire to create more impact
  • Business babe who is desiring to let go of hustle and create more balance in their work.

Overall you want to create impact, massive wealth, have a business with soul, passion, and a deeper meaning than just selling. THIS IS FOR YOU!

+ Payment options?

I've created two very spacious ways to support you with payment options. A 12 month and 17 month payment option. We will cover this in our call if your application has been accepted.

Something to ask yourself; "Are you open to receiving 10x what you put in?

+ What is the VIP option?

Come spend 1 full day LIVE with Brittany Reid to nourish, strategize, and grow personally.... and celebrate!!! Date to be released. This is one of the only ways to work with me LIVE in person!

Your intuition brought you here! But you’re still unsure?

I totally understand. Investing into your business can be scary. I don’t want you to miss out on something great if you are a bit nervous. I am here to help support you and where you want to go. No strings attached. Let’s hope on a call and we can go through your questions, worries/fears, and see if this Mastermind is a fit for your expansion in 2020.

*** Overview of the year will be shared on our call together ***