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Hi There Gorgeous! 

You have landed on a page that will take you from people pleasing prices, hustling, de-valuing your services




In 5 Days I will cover the exact method I used that allowed me to cultivate an easy intuitive flow in my business that creates 5 Figures with ease and consistency. 

+ No fancy system
+ No email list
+ No massive strategy
+ and NEW(ish) to the online space

Ive heard the word hustle too many times.
Ive heard its too hard.
Ive heard it won't work for me.
Ive heard ALL of the excuses that are keeping you exactly where you are in biz and in your life.


My Name is Britt!

I help creative entrepreneurs take their business online and scale to 5+ Figures per month with ease and flow. You will find me often sipping matches, adventuring around the globe, and diving into sacred ceremonies. 

There are too many people over complicating the how, undervaluing their services, and doing it all the messy way. 

I was one of those sweetheart! 1 million n' things on the go and yet my bank account was not reflecting all of the energy and value I was giving. I couldn't invest into myself and felt paralyzed.

Until.... NOW! This 5 Day Training is exactly the steps I NEEDED to take to level up in my business and scale to places beyond imaginable all while working less than 20 hours a week. 



Why is this FREE?

Because your to cute not too! More importantly, because I had to find out the 'hard' way. I see it as a blessing because now I can truly stand within a space and change other entrepreneurs lives through my trainings, mentorships, and products. 

Giving YOU it ALL!

When you take ACTION to become aligned, you increase your prices to what they are truly valued at TODAY, step into the LEADER, and enhance your business through SACRED TOOLS you will reach a space that will be in COMPLETE FLOW. 

Hello 5 Figure Months!

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