5 Figure and Flow FREE Training - Day 1


Hey beautiful! Welcome to Day 1 of my free training. I know this is going to be super valuable for you. Check out the video below, and then have a read through the key points underneath the video!


Day 1 key points:

- Drop the word hustle. If you feel like you’re hustling, we’re going to change that.

- Business and personal is one. Our business is a reflection of our personal life and vice versa.

- If something’s not working in our business we can often find what’s not working in our personal life and come back and go between both. Often our business is a pure expression of how we’re operating.

- Money is a form of energy.

- Ultimately money comes back to giving and receiving, and how well do we be in the state of giving and how well do we actually receive. receiving is the basis of business. that’s our financial goals, that’s the money we’re making in our business.

- As entrepreneurs we love to give, but when we step back and receive, that’s when the abundance can come financially.

- Do we as entrepreneurs allow ourselves to just sit back and enjoy?

- If we don’t know how to receive we won’t ever achieve our goals and we’ll do it in a very forced, hustle kind of way.

- Hustle is this trendy word in business, but we really need to look at the word hustle. If you feel like you’re hustling in business and you’re using that word, you’re legit manifesting that hustle. I truly want to change the energetic vibration of people’s businesses.

- If you feel like you’re not worthy of, or that money is hard, or that you never had money, or you’re always giving, we want to look at your money story.

- Money story. The story behind our whole journey with money.

- What has been your relationship with money? What was your first experience with money?

- Money is energy, money is feeling. If you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, the money you want won’t be there.

- Once you come into alignment, that alignment only makes you want to give unconditional love.

- Money isn’t hard!

- To unlock your 5, 6, 7 figure months you need to get over this shamefulness, this scarcity, the feeling that money is hard - we need to get over that. It isn’t real, it’s just how we are perceiving money to be.

- You need to claim your worth and stand in it. Truly asking yourself how much you want to earn, and knowing that you won’t be able to be 100% the most vibrant and aligned to your offerings, if what will work.

- Money is fluid. money come easily. money is time freedom. Money is always around me. Money is limitless. I am a money magnet.


Thank you so much for watching Day 1, I hope it inspired and challenged you! Don't forget to check your inbox tomorrow for Day 2!