5 Figure and Flow FREE Training - Day 2


Hey beautiful! Welcome to Day 2 of my free training. I know this is going to be super valuable for you. Check out the video below, and then have a read through the key points underneath the video!


Day 2 key points:

- Is your price point in alignment with your desired income?

- Be transparent with your client.

- The more aligned you are with your prices & values – the more customers you are going to get.

- Offer freebies rather than discounts.

- Ask yourself – what is your full value?

- What is the value of your time?

- Trust your gut – know when you outsource, it gives you more time to bring in more clients

- We are the controllers of how busy we are

- Freebies are a little taster of your product/service & builds trust with potential clients

- You are worthy of achieving a 5+ figures a month!

- Claim what you deserve – you are worthy of it!

- Living a 5+ figure month is a very achievable goal

- Everything you do needs to be in alignment with yourself

- Every part of you deserves your loving care and respect

- Some parts are like flowers, which blossom and grow with ease, others have sharp corners but you only hurt yourself by avoiding them and keeping them in the darkness.

- I love and accept all parts of myself – the light and the dark, the seen and unseen and I see it all as a unique gift for me to express.


Thank you so much for watching Day 2, I hope it inspired and challenged you! Don't forget to check your inbox tomorrow for Day 3!