5 Figure and Flow FREE Training - Day 3


Hey beautiful! Welcome to Day 3 of my free training. I know this is going to be super valuable for you. Check out the video below, and then have a read through the key points underneath the video!


Day 3 key points:

- Is your business exactly want you want to be doing?

- What are you doing in your business right now that completely lights you up?

- Do your offers make you truly excited? If not be honest with yourself & stop offering them.

- Nothing wastes our time – it’s always for growth.

- What in your business has no value & no conversion?

- Business & our offerings bloom and flourish the most when it’s something that’s super exciting to us – don’t over complicate it.

- When we’re starting a business we can get so distracted that we lose track of our true worth and our original goals.

- Is the foundation in your business solid? Don’t doubt yourself.

- Truly live your worth

- Define what you want and what means the most to you, and live in that space.

- Your self-care is just as important as the service you provide your client.

- The amount of love, care and effort you give to your clients and business – you need to be doing that plus 20% for yourself in your personal life.

- Listen to your intuition when it comes to looking after yourself.

- How you set your day up starts with getting rid of all of the most time absorbing tasks.

- Become non-negotiable with your time.

- Think of your goals as being steps to being a better version of yourself.

- Have boundaries within your day to nourish yourself.

- How are you allowing people right now to manipulate the decisions you make for yourself?

- Are you allowing your customers to dictate what you offer?

- When you are nourished – you can nourish and take care of and nourish your clients.

- Close your eyes and ask yourself “what am I being called to do in my business today?”

- Lean into what your busy is telling you to do so you get more clarity and confidence to move through your business flow.

- When you take on a client that doesn’t resonate with you – it’s being a disservice to you and your business.

- Become radically honest with what you’re taking on in your business.

- Growth is uncomfortable. Allow yourself to be where you’re at so you can get where you need to go.

- Change how you operate today by changing the cycle that you’re running at today.

- Entrepreneurship is a fun ride that we all get to choose.

- The only person binding yourself to your schedule and how you’re operating is yourself

- Everything that we’re moving through is not happening to us, it’s happening for us.

- I am truly a gift and I have so much to offer.


Thank you so much for watching Day 3, I hope it inspired and challenged you! Don't forget to check your inbox tomorrow for Day 4!