5 Figure and Flow FREE Training - Day 5


Hey beautiful! Welcome to Day 5 - the final day of my free training. I know this is going to be super valuable for you. Check out the video below, and then have a read through the key points underneath the video!


Day 5 key points:

- People buy into your personality and your uniqueness of what you share.

- How much care you showing up in your vocabulary, content and posting?

- Think about how you can weave in your personality all the time.

- You don’t have to be perfect at everything.

- How much flavor is in your content?

- People buy in to experience more pleasure in their life

- People buy to reduce stress or rid of any pain or stress that they’re experiencing

- Buying into the pleasure and the problem solution and the pain.

- The more you refine your sales page and content, the more people will buy into what you do.

- Be aware of your words resonating with love and excitement

- Your personality is what sells because what you’re sharing is an extension of your soul’s expression

- Your personality and you sharing your Why is going to sell because it’s an expression of your soul.

- Claim this - I am an authentic expression of my business and my brand

- You’re not selling – you’re sharing.

- Embrace your work

- Becoming more excited and living in that state is energy that’s going to sell

- Entrepreneurship is a journey of soul’s expression to unlock financial and time freedom.

- Celebrate yourself and enjoy the journey!!

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Thank you so much for going through this training with me. I believe in you! It's time for you to believe in yourself. 

If you're thinking of investing in yourself further, let's book in a discovery call! I'd love to chat with you about my 1:1 coaching and help you level up your business (and life) further!