Hi, my name is Brittany Reid.


I am a Soulful Online Business Coach, Alchemist, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Hormone/Womb Teacher, and Ceremony Facilitator. Behind all of those labels; I am simply a girl who loves to spend her time making raw chocolate, lead women on a womb activating journey, drink matcha lattes, work with plant medicine, sitting in circle with sisters, travelling the world, and teaching other healers, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs how to create a financially free life through the online world. 

When I am not leading a class or program I spend time in workshops, creating new jewelry pieces, writing, sipping cacao, and reading.

We RISE together. 

I first stepped into my soul purpose it was scary yet it held this divine energy and flow. My deepest fear was being judged and being accused of being too real. I always felt if I said too much or I would make someone feel uncomfortable I wouldn't be successful or liked as a person/business owner. I didn’t want to be too RAW or WILD because “that isn’t being truly feminine”. I had a conditioned belief that being feminine was someone who wore pink, never outspoke, and was a replica of magazines.

 I was so scared I never would truly know myself. I was so scared of being alone. I was extremely fearful of expressing my needs.


I am beyond grateful, I invested into my journey. This truly taught me that I was never going to be able to service or be able to create real relationships in my life if I kept being a dull version of myself. At first it was uncomfortable but I knew within my heart that this was the only way. TO WAKE UP! This was the only way I could truly live. I was created physical health imbalances due to living a shadowed life filled with negative emotions, self sabotaging behaviour, and a closed mouth/throat because I didn’t want to stir up the waters. I lived with an eating disorder for years that no one knew of. I manifested an auto-immune due to my lack of boundaries. I had symptom after symptom pop up that would never heal because I was always allowing people to walk all over me. I was living paycheck to paycheck and felt unworthy of financial freedom yet I always had the newest gadgets or clothes to falsely show I had it all together. There was no way I wanted people to hear or see my suffering. I felt I was stuck in this vortex forever, but that was a conditioned belief.


So I began diving into everything that wasn’t the ‘norm’. I read book after book. I moved away from my birth city to truly shake my foundation. I practiced all types of physical asana (yoga) to break open. I began a healing journey with my food relationship (this took a very long time to feel comfortable in my own skin). I detoxed my entire body to allow more space and clarity to flow in. While I was dabbling in all areas of health I would seek out spiritual teachers to feed my soul extra nuggets of wisdom. This is where I started to bloom and stand in my truth.


There was definitely moments of trial and error but I knew within my heart the more I put myself in uncomfortable , soul growing, moments I would begin to feel at home. Coming back home, to my purpose and natural state, has been liberating.


Once I truly owned my womb (female sacred parts) I awoke.

This is a path of foundation, curiosity, alignment, and womb activation.

I am devoted to awakening the powerful goddess within.