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You have a business, an idea, and you’re ready to make it your full time gig or scale where you are at right now in biz?

You have no idea where to start or how to grow that will greatly impact your time, bank account, and mission…. You’re seeking a business that is profitable and sustainable so you can make 6+ figures per year or replace your current income and leave your J.O.B. All while doing it YOUR WAY! The way that fits your deepest desires in life.

Are you wanting to stop exchanging time for money? You crave a business that is thriving with clients and sales? You’re ready to embody the CEO that is running a mega profitable and magnetic brand?

One where money, time, confidence, comes with ease.

Welcome to my Private High Level Mentorship! Spots open for Fall/Winter 2019.

I’ve worked with many businesses like yourself. I am here to open you up to what’s available, stretch you, inspire you, and hold you accountable to your wildest dreams. I am here to tell you that what you desire is worthy of coming to fruition and it is 100% achievable.

Apply now to be the first to hop on a call with me and see if its an aligned fit.

Note: applicants that will be accepted must be willing to take leaps, take unwavering action, and show up boldly. This is where the success is!

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What Women are Saying:

Do It and you’re welcome. haha! Brittany really helped me to see my worth. She helped me feel more confident about getting a higher price for my service, she helped me simplify and structure my business that really serves me and my customer well. She helped me to be a better version of myself for my business and help me put clear boundaries in place to protect my energy. She helped me just be. There were a lot of conditionings that had to be undone and once they were, business and life got so much easier. She is an amazing human being who offered so much love and support. She’s a soulful badass who is really really smart. She lovingly called me on my shit when needed and got me out of my own way and onto an amazing business. You get what you pay for in one session and the rest is a bonus! Being able to talk to Brittany every week, pick her brain, and be accountable to the goals she helped me create was everything I needed to really get my business to take off. For anyone considering hiring Brittany, take my advice and just do it (ok maybe that is Nikes advice but I am using it! lol).
— Karey Kapell, Business Mindset Coach
If I had the chance to do this mentorship all over again, I would not hesitate for a second. You will get so much more out of this than you ever think is possible. If you are ready to take your business and your life to the next level, and to feel ease and peace and find clarity all at the same time - this mentorship is for you! Working with Brittany will bring back the excitement you have for being an entrepreneur and will grow you and shape you into a whole new person! I cannot wait to work with Brittany again!
— Janine Chay, Belief Coach
She is amazing! When we first met and I found out what she did I knew deep down this was someone I was going to work with at some point on my journey. When that opportunity came I jumped on it and knew immediately after we started that I made the right choice. She brings a very welcoming energy and environment and an intuitive creative energy to the process. She has helped open up a lot of doors in my mind about the way a business can be run that is very different from the norm.
— Lindsay Warne, Yoga Teacher and CEO of Mindful Living Movement
She’s such a delightful soul. I really appreciate her calming energy and the way she infuses technical support with a spiritual approach to her sessions which you would think are opposites but it works for her! She’s the breath of fresh air I needed and would put me on the spot and force some realizations in a soft and endearing way. This was key for me because I couldn’t work with someone that’s too harsh (considering my business and brand is an extension of who I am) yet I still think it’s important to have someone provide constructive criticism and an eye opening perspective which is exactly what she provided.
— Justine Marie, JMS Studios
This lady is wise beyond her years! She had taught me the importance of self care, learning how to capture your audience, how to write a killer lead page and got me through a hard time in my life. Her coaching and friendship is invaluable and working with her was the best decision I have made in my business.
— Hayley Flegel, Opex Fitness Owner