How to B Podcast: Taylor Lee | What it's like to be Fully Free

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Episode #15 with Taylor Lee (Taylor Manning) all about becoming fully free and the journey as a online entrepreneur!


Taylor Lee, formerly known as Taylor Manning, is a business mentor for coaches and passionate service-based business owners who want to share their story, make true changes in the world and become Fully Free.


At only 23 years old, Taylor has already made multiple six figures in her business. She regularly helps her clients reach multiple five figure months, but also experience true freedom and joy in their lives.


There are quite a few takeaways in this episode:


The biggest takeaway is you can design your life any which way, whether it’s in business or in your personal life; you have the power to design it however you want it to be.


Most of us look outside for the answers but the real truth is there are answers inside of us. It’s quite normal to look to the outside for validation but if we really get quiet, we can hear our own inner wisdom. When you give yourself a moment it reconnects you to what you already know.


A big aha for Taylor was how the fear of success can paralyze you and you start doubting yourself. And how that fear, can really shape your money mindset. What’s your money story and is it holding you back from reaching your goals?


Sometimes we get caught up with burning the midnight oil and the results can turn into a massive burn out. It’s important to be mindful about how much you’re doing and why.


Which led us to a conversation about stillness and what it means. It’s taking care of yourself and pausing throughout your day helps to interrupt the constant churning of your day.


We give you a few tips on how to stay present throughout your day. Some of us are on autopilot but using these small yet powerful tips will change your mood for the better and keep you connected.


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