How to B Podcast: Anna Delarosa | Set your soul on fire and take the leap

Welcome to How to B Podcast with Brittany Reid

Episode #13 with Anna Delarosa

Anna De La Rosa, Mindful Business Strategist and Modern Manifesting and Meditation Guru.

▫️Also, Business owner of De La Rosa Insurance Services, LLC 

▫️Creator of Instagram Platforms: @empowerwomenquotes , @manifestingjunkie and @theannadelarosa

▫️Soon to release book: "Empowered Women that Empower Women- Volume 1"✍🏻

▫️Founder of the Meditation and Mindfulness Project, as seen in Mantra Magazine. 

▫️Recently opened The Manifesting Junkie VIP Membership which is a monthly subscription platform that offers fresh, new, content mixed with some of my humor. Each month I share exclusive content (including everything I’m exploring in real time) along with my signature tools, lectures and more. You’ll get weekly encouragement from me, plus a monthly, members-only call to discuss your spiritual practice and to motivated and inspired the fuck out of you! You also have access to hours of goodies. This is Your front-row pass to all the spiritual/inspiration you can handle—from the comfort of your own home, viewable (and binge-able!) on any device. 

▫️My Motto: 

Invest into yourself Up your game Get that mindset right & manifest the shit out of anything and everything you want in life because you are more than enough!

It is my mission in life to empower women all over the world, I have the ability to spark something deep within my clients by giving them practical tips and tools to forge their own path. Once we sort out their shit together and we are done with the work, my clients walk away knowing they are whatever the fuck they want to be, the end!

My natural Entrepreneur Mentality & 15+ years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and acquisitions, gives me the knowledge to back the business strategies I give all my clients and then I mix it with a little meditation and wooo wooo shit to get you on the right track.

It also helps that I have coached others through the achievement of their dreams, I not only have faith that anyone, anywhere, can make their visions a tangible reality, I also have the tools to help you to get that shit done!



We Talked About:

+ Lighting up her soul on fire through SAYING YES 


+ Conscious parenting when you move through separation 

+ Moving through abortions and birthing her first child

+ dipping her toes into every religion, scientific, and spiritual aspects because of being so sheltered growing up 

+ How opening yourself up you will RECEIVE exactly what you want 

+ Her heart is hungry to come into deeper alignment 

+ neuroscience, patterning, spiritual, sprinkled with psychology, subconscious beliefs, codes

+ Book RELEASE Beginning of 2019

+ Getting fully behind herself and her mission: to empower women


Her Sacred Rituals:
- meditation every day

  • listening to meditations and beta sound overnight to release excess and stagnant energy

  • Kundalini practice 


Connect with Her:


Instagram: @theannadelarosa

Instagram: @empowerwomenquotes

Instagram: @manifestingjunkie

Skype: manifestingjunkie