How to B Podcast: Episode 5 | Bridget Prutz: Finding Your Way Back Home

Welcome to How to B Podcast with Brittany Reid

Episode #5 with Bridget Jane

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Bridget is the face behind Bridget Jane. 

She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki practitioner, Self development writer, wife, expat, nature and travel lover and passionate about living a mindful, non toxic lifestyle. She is committed to creating a ripple effect of health and happiness by helping others understand there is more than way one to educate, medicate, live and love.

er journey to holistic health was deeply rooted from a young age. She grew up with an energy healer and medical medium as apposed to conventional medicine or doctors. And the power of the mind and affirmations were topics she thought were the dinner table conversation in every household and ‘the norm’.

We talk about: 
+ The little by little shifts that create the biggest shifts
+ Self sabotaging behaviours and how to overcome them
+ Reiki and all things energy
+ Surrendering to Flow
+ How your one business may just be leading you directly into your souls purpose! 

Connect with Bridget
Instagram: @_bridget_jane