How to B Podcast: Chloe Elgar (PART 1) | LET YOUR LIFE BE YOUR GUIDE

Welcome to How to B Podcast with Brittany Reid 

Episode #12 with Chloe Elgar 

Part 1


Chloe is a fairy spirit with the potency and wisdom of a witch and spiritual teacher. Her greatest joy is in leading other souls around the world into the truth of who they are; on a greater mission to expand and shift the consciousness of our planet. Her passion is in the connection to the divine and experiencing the joy of what it means to be alive, and helping others to discover this deep universal secret. 

Since Chloe was young, she felt a strong calling to help and Love the people around her. A gifted psychic and naturally empathic, this energy overwhelmed her as she lived through experiencing pain and trauma in the world around her and her parents. She blocked herself from overwhelm- creating severe eating disorders, depression and body suffering throughout her childhood. It was this pain that became the catalyst to starting her work as a holistic nutritionist and healer. Working with people and guiding them into their own healing brought Chloe back to that same connection that she knew as a child. 

Chloe now works as a psychic, intuitive healer and spiritual teacher- guiding groups and individuals on the journey to the truth of who they are.


We Talk About:

+ How school is a way to deeply begin to understand and learn about yourself 

+ Opening up to the aspects of yourself that you blocked yourself from as a kid

+Understanding how the mind can be playing tricks on truly understand who you are

+ Breath and connecting with the FEELING in your body as the teacher 

+ Every experience we go through is for our own healing and for our own expansion (our business is a mirror for us)

+ Being, and what is it?

+ Protection and boundaries! Why you don't actually ''need'' them or have to practice protecting yourself. 


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