How to B Podcast: Episode 4 | Dani Driusso | Unleashing your Voice Within

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Episode 4: Dani Driusso

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Daniele Driusso is a Leadership Coach, Voice Specialist, Writer, Podcast Host and Mentor for elite entrepreneurs online. She has helped countless women around the world find their passion and turn it into their full time income online. Dani believes that connection, presence, and play are the cornerstones to a successful business, her mission is to empower women to step into their true potential as a leader, while they become fully fulfilled in their life and business.

Daniele specializes in helping purpose-driven business owners find their voice in the world, truly ignite their influence online, and expand their vision of what is possible. In a world of insta-likes and facebook fads, Daniele is committed to bringing back connection and purpose to the online space.

While combining creativity, passion and purpose, Daniele teaches you how to take your dreams and make them reality -- on your own terms. She is incredibly passionate about teaching women how to create their own schedule, and build a career that can feed their soul.

From broke post-grad/Artist struggling to build her life as an Actor to building the life of her dreams building her empire online filled with creatives first & entrepreneurs second. The broke 'artist' mindset is coming to an end and it's Dani's mission to get creative entrepreneurs and heart-based business owners to turn the volume UP on their business, brand, AND income. Dani infuses everything she does with fun, freedom, and 'f-yes!'.

She is am here to help you ground your feet in the dirt, light up a room, grab that microphone and speak your work into the world, write the damn book, hold the damn retreat, change lives, and continue to create an income that supports your dream life — while still being able to live that dream life.

Presence in everything. Presence online. Presence in life. Presence in your business.

We Talk About: 
+ What Voice Coaching is and the power it has for entrepreneurs and people who are looking to gain confidence in their career.
+ Our innate power center
+ Chakras and Voice Centers
+ How to clear energy centers through breath and voice work
+ Working with your voice centers based on what you are about to do (ie. speaking, promoting, teaching....) 
+ Dream and Playfulness through every aspect of life
+ What to do when your work is draining you
+ how to speak up through difficult conversations or situations that you can feel the "lump" in your throat

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