How to B Podcast: Jordan Duvall | Branding and Visuals for a Magnetic Business

Jordan Duvall is a Soul Brand Strategist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Success Coach, and Award-winning Art Director with an obsession for Personal Development. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs create an authentic brand and aligned business so they can profit from their passion.


Highlights from this episode:

+ Finally had the true understanding that she is an energy source and is here to do something so much greater.

+ No more all the excuses and hiding.

+ Going through the stories of being “responsible” and needing a job. When her soul was telling her to start a business

+ How to break through the identities.

+ Going through the pivotal moments of personal growth of finding what she really wanted to do

+ What caused an mis-alignment in herself that lead her to the business she has today.

+ Breaking free of the fear of becoming who she really wanted to become

+ She shares her soul-crushing loss

+ How reverse engineering can give you certainty with the unknown.

+ What drives the bus truly in business.

+ Branding, business, mindset do all go together.

+ There is no option besides success. Making this happen once and for all.

+ How to start creating your visual brand without a huge investment.

+ Stop looking outside and LOOK within! You get to decide what you GET to do!

+ DREAM CLIENTS: How to discover who you’re TRULY meant to work with.

+ The three things to do to start your brand and visuals.


"Action cures all things."

"Please never use comic sans. Please, please, please."



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