How to B Podcast: Episode 2 | Michelle Knight: Storytelling, Vulnerability, and Choice

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Episode #2: Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight is a Branding and Business Coach, mother, wife, world traveler and storyteller.

Michelle has distinguished herself as an entrepreneur through the power of storytelling and its power to unite people, especially women. She has helped transform the businesses lives of female entrepreneurs by supporting them in tapping into their story to create a standout brand and message, ultimately leading them to living a life of freedom. Michelle is living proof that no matter what obstacles life may throw at you, or chapters that may contribute to your story, you have the power to write your own ending.

As a storyteller and branding expert herself, Michelle supports women who are unfulfilled in their 9-5 break free into a life of freedom. Programs include private coaching, self-study courses, and a group program that unites women to create thriving online businesses. Michelle didn’t always have the freedom based business that she now has and helps others create. She had many ups and downs in her life. She has experienced heartache, loss, great love and above all beauty. She’s learned that the more you accept your story and choose to share it with the world the stronger your brand, business and impact will be. 

In the Spring of 2008, her world turned upside down when her younger brother and best friend was diagnosed with cancer. For one year she watched her brother fight for his life and realized that she couldn’t spend another minute wasting her life. When he lost his battle to cancer, Michelle made a vow to him and herself that she would not let life pass her by any longer.

“Despite all the pain and heartache I was experiencing, I made a decision to alter the course of my life. I truly believe it was this decision that ultimately saved  

my life.”

After making this decision, Michelle continued her journey with her now husband and in December 2015 they brought their son into the world. It was at this point when Michelle realized that juggling a 9 to 5 and raising her son wasn’t going to work for her.

“I realized I really wanted it all, and for the first time I gave myself permission to have it. I created my life of freedom and now I help female entrepreneurs who are struggling to gain visibility and traction in taking their business to the next level -I help them to tap into their story to create a standout brand and message that positions them as an expert in their industry.”

Week Talk About: 

+ The Power of Storytelling
+ Grounding practices to create more harmony
+ Showing up Vulnerable
+ Smoothie Bowls, #soyum
+ How to create a life and business , with no seperation
+ The power of truly choosing the way we want to live and run our business

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