How to B Podcast: Samantha Hearne | Overcoming Anxiety

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Episode 18 with Samantha Hearne, founder of A Happy Mind


Samantha Hearne meets with us to share how anxiety shows up in our lives and the things we can do to overcome it.

She’s an award winning anxiety coach, author and podcast host. Samantha coaches women and female entrepreneurs to overcome their anxieties so they can thrive in their lives and businesses.

Let’s face it, anxiety is a crippling disorder that prevents people from stepping into their greatness because it isn’t an emotion that can be quantified.

Most of us are constantly worried about something in our lives. And through that worry anxiety  magnifies our insecure feelings about how we are seen in this world.

While being a full-time teacher, Sam started to build her business, spoke at different events, wrote for mental health blogs and currently she hosts her own podcast. She understands what it means to work really hard on your business while juggling multiple commitments. Anxiety almost derailed her mission to serve.

It’s crucial to identify how anxiety is present in your life. Sam states there are three categories of anxiety. They are emotional, circumstantial and physical.

Once you begin to understand the differences then the next thing to do is to identify any trends. When you are self-aware and you will notice the trends. From there, you can then create strategies to help reduce your anxieties.

A few nuggets from this episode are:

Never be ashamed for your story and never apologize for it.

You don’t have to take on other people’s emotions.

You can create amazing things in your life and move past the story that’s holding you back.

Without understanding yourself nothing can change.

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