How to B Podcast: Sarah Klym | Outsourcing & Redefining Our Money Story

Welcome to How to B Podcast with Brittany Reid

Episode 8 with Sarah Klym 

Sarah is an intuitive medium and has helped bring peace, reassurance and good health to many families. She is also a passionate essential oil educator. She love to teach people how to incorporate natural products  into their daily lives to improve everyone’s health and well-being. Those aren't the only hats Sarah wears, she owns her own in-home hair salon in Lumsden, she cooks for her husband farm crew in harvest time and shes a mom of two beautiful girls who are 6&8. Needless to say, life has taught Sarah many lessons in life all related to balance and prioritizing work loads and family and self care.


We Talk about:
+ Redefining a new money story
+ When to outsource and the benefits
+ why booking in a cleaning lady will save you money
+ The connection to gut health and money relationship
+ Essentials oils and ancestral healing through hair


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