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Episode #7 with Amber Lee aka Your Spiritual BFF and Chakra Girl founder who keep it zen AF while supporting you to balance and live your best life. 

Chakra Girl Co. is a spiritual platform to inspire women everywhere to be YOU and be zen in her fun, approachable way to spirituality. She is also a podcast host of Chakra Girl Radio!

She is a fashion enthusiast, total foodie, and loves vino. 

We Talk about:
+ What chakras are and how they affect your biz

+ The most important practice as a Entrepreneur
+ Authenticity
+ Balance Travel + Practice + Biz
+ Kundalini Practice
+ Her puppy and what gift she just gave her hubby for their one year anni


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Sacred Roots: Words by Jillian Marie


Greetings cosmic family, 

My name is Jillian Marie and I am a visual artist and midwife of women's consciousness. 

I specialize in creative photography and offer sacred ceremony to connect people, especially women, more deeply to their hearts and the infinite potential they harness. 

Soul Photography

I love becoming a part of someone's world. 

As a visual artist that's what gives me the ability to capture the essence of a person, inclusive companionship and play. 

Capturing truth and beauty is my passion. 

The approach of working with me as a visual artist is intuitive and co-creative, which creates space for the soul to effortlessly guide the direction of each shoot. 

I strive to create powerful art, and I am so grateful to be offering what I love. 

When I was young my papa always had a camera in hand. He captured childhood moments often, he showed me how to operate his video camera and I would tape everything! 

I fell in love with capturing precious moments and reflecting on the growth between each one. 

Papa said, "One day you'll look back on photos and deeply appreciate them because they were moments in your life that you only lived once." I always held his words in my heart, every moment is unique and every moment is a space in which we live once.

There's something magical about seeing life through rose coloured eyes, naturally, and being able to share that with others visually. 

Sacred Ceremony for Women

Growing up I suppressed my feminine magnificence. I allowed my inclusive expression to be silenced through overwhelming fears of rejection, neglect and societal criticism.

Living in a way that dishonoured the sacredness of spirit, I struggled to find my true place as a woman within a society that ignores and represses the profound potential for a woman awakening her love, purpose, and power.

Through rediscovering and embodying this truth of who I was as an embodied woman, I cam to understand my natural rhythm. I uncoiled my feminine power and dove deep into the mysteries of the divine feminine, the primordial creative force that brings life to everything. 

Since 2014 - I have created sacred spaces for women to reconnect back to their truth. By coming together we channel energy in a powerful and encompassing way, allowing us to experience a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. 

After one women’s offering I hosted, a woman mentioned she had been experiencing drowning in darkness and that if it wasn’t for the gathering she likely would have ended her life. This reassured my knowing that women’s voices are more important now than ever, and that each gathering remains the perfect place to plant the seeds for a new vision for humanity based on love, connection and compassion. 

Sisterhood is a way of being. It is a celebration of all that is potently feminine - it is foremost a choice to be alive and luscious in female mystery and magnificence, it is a path of the heart. 

Sisterhood is a movement of kindness. It encompasses all women, it is an energy that encompasses men too, and is healing for the planet. While Sisterhood is rising and becoming more of a powerful force, many women are still healing their own wounds. 

Like most women, I have experienced my share of feminine wounding. My own journey with sisterhood has been interesting and not always easy. And so much of my healing has been through sisterhood and learning to receive feminine nurturing and be present to my truth. 

In support of this personally unique journey of the feminine, I offer a monthly sacred sisterhood gathering for women which is a collective remembering and embodying of insuring self love and connection the earth.

Become together in hopes that throughout our participation we may be inspired, empowered and supported by one another and conscious offerings shared. 

“Jillian’s ceremonies have been deeply transformational for me. She creates and holds a beautiful loving space where I have been able to truly be myself and shed layers that I’ve been fighting for years. Each time I’ve had tears streaming down my face, a feeling that is finally coming home. Thank you Jill for your devotion to empowering women and bringing us home to our hearts. Forever grateful.” - Lindsey


When people ask me ''What do you do?" I often respond "Whatever I want." It's true, liberating and shape-shifting always! I love the independence, the control and freedom from routine. Often times you may not know where your next paycheck is coming from or the abundance following, but you do know that you have unique gifts others will invest in. Whether it’s creating a product or a service that people buy, you know how to create abundance on your own. You don’t need to worry about layoffs, corporate downsizing, or a bad boss. The longer that you are a self-employed artist/creative the more confident you become in your ability to survive and thrive on your own, regardless of the situation.

To be honest, it took me a while to experience what I was truly offering. An awakening in Ubud, Bali while attending a powerful women's retreat dissolved old conditioned beliefs regarding self worth. For years I believed my service had to be free or cheap to be genuine service. I dismissed the time, energy, and the love that I was pouring into cultivating each one - and the value people were receiving. At the time a beloved sister said to me 'This is your livelihood Jill, and you have to put food on your table too.' In that moment I explored in my heart and knew even if there was no abundance involved, I'd still create and serve. To create a sacred space which we connect our hearts, lift our spirits, and honour each other, empowers each of us to embrace the power and beauty that is the core of who we are.

True success means appreciating and relishing in the creative process, following your own path at your own pace, and staying true to your vision. Often as creatives we don’t want to believe that the experience of creating is sometimes messy and full of mistakes along the way.  And we don’t want to believe that our creative vision will almost always exceed our ability. Being an artist is not about lightning bolts of inspiration all the time. It is about listening closely and then doing your best to express what you feel. More than anything, however, it is about not giving up. Creating art is not simply 'another job.' Even if we are lucky enough to earn enough money from our art to financially support us, being an artist is not just what we do — it’s who we are. It’s that little voice inside that compels us to create. The one that won’t take “no” for an answer. No matter how long we ignore it or try to distract ourselves from it, it will still be there whispering in our ear... You were born an artist, now create!

My art and sacred offerings are intimate intricacies of who I am and how I serve.

But my service is not in what I do, rather who I am...

It is not in each photo shoot or secret offering, but in every moment.


By learning to live with an open heart in the space of consistent service you will receive the most profound gift life has to abundantly offer.

My wish and blessing is that you reach and experience your completion blissfully.

Bless our collective steps family!

With love,

Jillian Marie


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Walking Down the Aisle of Business: Words by Morgan Mayer (Founder of Sweet Pea and Noelle)


We are over the moon excited to be launching our conversation platform where we will be sharing the journey to entrepreneurship. Dear friend and soul sister Morgan Mayer is our FIRST Bad Ass Sacred Biz Babe who's heart is massive and spirit is radiant. Every moment I reflect on truly how GRATEFUL I am to be surrounded by ambitious, intuitive, and vibrant souls like herself in business. Everyday I witness this unfolding community that has may heart bursting with excitement. 
With so much love from Brittany

Hello and WELCOME!

My name is Morgan Mayer and I am the owner and founder of Sweet Pea and Noelle Bridal Boutique in Regina, Saskatchewan… WOW, that was boring and glad it’s over with.



This is who I really am, (because what you do doesn’t necessarily reflect who you are)

So let’s start over…

My name is Morgan Mayer and I am an out-going, minimalist, girl boss, crystal enthusiast, lover, dog mom and born in April making me an Aries (no judgments, please). I am so humbled and grateful to be asked to write this post and share my experiences in business that may help others to pursue their dreams!

It’s an incredible journey, full of discomfort, fear and worth EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. Let’s dive right in.

For those of you that do not know WHO or WHAT Sweet Pea & Noelle is, we are a bridal boutique that carries 100% CANADIAN designed and made wedding gowns and products carefully curated by myself and partner/ sister, Brittany. Our designers are fellow female owned small businesses that are absolutely SLAYING the Canadian bridal game. Gaining quite the following all over the world. These women are all unique and their personalities show in their designs. Making each gown an exclusive work of art. Part of why we love our jobs and why we do what we do is the genuine human connection and care that goes in to each and every product we carry. This aspect is what makes us one-of-a-kind and a company that genuinely believes in not only the power of a good product, but also the power the LOVE of a good product can have that translates into outstanding customer service.


For inspiration, I tend to have different ones all the time. It can depend on the day, the hour, the moon. Heck…even my cycle has an effect.

What I find my most constant source of inspiration is good, old fashioned, L-O-V-E. This can mean the love I see in a designers work, the love I feel from my partner or the love I can almost touch when a blushing bride comes in our boutique doors. There is no right or wrong thing to have that draws inspiration. You’re inspiration will be completely different from those around you and that is GREAT! It means, the outcome of your inspiration will be as unique as your feeling towards a product/ service. Thus, giving off something different that is going to set you apart from the crowd. The moral of the story is to listen to your own inner voice and trust it will take you to the ideas and journey’s you dreamed of.

Memorable MOMENTS.

When you are starting your own business, there are magical memorable moments and there are moments and tasks that you would rather not relive and forget entirely (Bye, Felicia) Because let’s face it, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

Personally, I have THREE moments that stand out.

1. The Birth of the Idea

2. Opening Day

3. The thoughts of the future and the goals not yet realized but I have faith are on the way.

Your moments will change and evolve. In the beginning you may have 3 memorable moments a day, a month, a year, whatever. Your moments will be just that, YOUR moments. Enjoy them, be grateful for them and look forward to the abundance to come. 



Building a business isn’t easy or comfortable in any way. In order to build a business you will be uncomfortable more often than not. If you’re comfortable, you’re in the safe zone…and no one grows in the safe zone.




Here are a few things that I do on a daily basis that keep me grounded and inspired.

I like to start my day with an alarm that does NOT make me want to hit the snooze button (Because as much as I try, I’m not a natural morning person at this point). I found an amazing app called “Inspire.” It’s an alarm that wakes you up gently to a motivational speech compilation.

It’s perfect and makes me want to leave my bed to start my day. As I listen to the wise words, I reflect and visualize my goals, both daily and long term. I then make my way downstairs and I brew my morning cup of coffee. As the sun makes its way over the horizon and into my kitchen, I will think or write down what I am grateful for. This little ritual has become my favourite part of the day.

Finding your own ritual will take some trial and error and be different for everyone. But, whatever it is, it should feel good and reflect the individual gift you bring to this world.

A Word of ADVICE…

JUST KIDDING! I have many words.

+ It’s SCARY. Push forward. (cue: Salt N Peppa: “Push it, Push it, Push it Real Good”)

+ Be genuine. ALWAYS. People can sense consciously and subconsciously an un-authentic word/action/ product.

+ BE YOU. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Because that product is truly unlike any other.

+ KEEP GOING and KEEP GROWING. Aspire and always keep reaching for each and every wild dream you can dream.


When your couch is simply so comfortable, Grey’s Anatomy is on Netflix and you have nothing pressing on the schedule……sounds good right?

WRONG! This is your comfort zone and what did we learn from earlier?


Sorry, that was aggressive. But seriously, we’ve all been there and it’s usually a craving I need to satisfy occasionally. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break or indulging in some self care.

Besides going to the gym a few days a week I usually take a day or 1/2 a day a week to focus on my well being. If my cup is empty, there is nothing for me to contribute to my goals or to others. So find an activity that relaxes you and helps you to reboot. It’s so important for your well being. If you’re not helping yourself, you can’t help others.

Activities that let this little unicorn live her dream life:
+ Ritual baths
+ Reiki sessions
+ Crystal meditations
+ Facials
+ Eating an absurd amount of chocolate and binging a few episodes of a comedy series


From the bottom of my humbled heart. Thank you for your time and I wish you the best in this big beautiful life.

Peace, Love and Magic,


One more thing.

Ok, two more things….

I will leave you with my two favourite books that inspired me when I was building the business of my dreams.

“PEOPLE OVER PROFIT” by Dale Partridge

“YOU ARE A BAD ASS” by Jen Sincero



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The Unicorn Herself; Morgan

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