How to B Podcast: Episode 1 | Tia Johnson | Mind Prepping, Crystals, and Dreams

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Episode #1: Tia Johnson


In today's sacred conversation we're talking about the power of showing up as 100% you. The way you want to look, feel, and be expressed. Along with the potency of mind prepping, crystals, and work/life balance. The deep mindset work we are called to do when we desire to change something in our life. 

Tia Johnson is a spiritual lifestyle entrepreneur, an international speaker, Amazon best-selling author of To Be Goddess: Every Woman Is A Goddess Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme and How To Get To The Point In Your Life: A Path of Revelations & Revivals, podcaster, and blogger.

Tia created her business after a two-year healing journey following the deaths of her grandparents. During this time, Tia discovered the depths of her spiritual gifts and her true purpose by becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, and Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer. Through spiritual teachings and healings, such as chakra and reiki, she helps her clients to pinpoint the limiting beliefs that prevent them from living a phenomenal life they love, to heal emotional setbacks, and to create strategic plans to execute proactive actions on a personal or entrepreneurial level.

We Talk About: 
+ Mind Prepping
+ Crystals
+ Balancing a full time job and full time business
+ Dreams and the Subconscious Mind
+ Public Speaking and Expressing your Truth

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