How to B Podcast: Vibeke Schurch | Building from the Ground Up

Welcome to How to B Podcast 

Episode #10 with Vibeke Schurch

VibekeSchurch is a Success-soul® Living Coach who provides entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and mindset shifts to have, be and do it all so they can live their purpose and create massive impact and income with their gifts. She is a coach, energy healer, mindset expert and small business wizard with nearly 20 years experience building and growing small businesses. When she's not working with her clients you will find her traveling the world, skiing, hiking, doing yoga or exploring beaches in a tropical paradise.


We Talk About: 

+ Business as a Journey 

+ The journey to discovering her Business today 

+ Collapsing at a ''successful'' corporate position to finding her health and beginning her business that is aligned

+ Manifestation and Law of Attraction


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How to B Podcast: Sarah Gregg | We create our reality and taking the LEAP

Welcome to How to B Podcast

Episode #9 with Sarah Gregg founder of The Power to Reinvent

Sarah Gregg is a Mindset Coach and Transformational Specialist. Sarah's work is entirely dedicated to helping busy people to live a life they love and achieve the goals that matter most to them.

A fully qualified life coach and NLP Practitioner with a degree in Psychology. Sarah has over ten years’ experience, helping hundreds of people get out of their own way and achieve their biggest goals.

Sarah is a 'walker of talks' and has used her methods to achieve some of her own big goals. From guest speaking on stage alongside Google, having a picnic on the Great Wall of China to creating an online business that enables her to travel full time (yes really).

Sarah specializes in helping people with big goals and busy lives fulfill their potential. She prides herself on results, sustained achievement and lasting success.
Every day The Power to Reinvent helps to achieve what matters most to them in life. But more than that, it enables people to do it in flow, with consistency and ease.


We Talk About:

+ reprogramming our beliefs and thoughts with NLP

+ psychology

+ overcoming fear and working with the mind to shift your limited beliefs

+ selling everything and packing her bags to build her dream business 

+ travelling full time and building a business 

+ universal laws 

+ tools to use to overcome challenges in life

+ what is mindfulness and becoming a mindful person

+ living in a monestray for 4 days and discovering how busy the mind and who truly is.

+ scientific evidence now shows that the front of the brain where ego and self lives deactivates when you begin to meditate. separating yourself from the ego and connect with your soul and the boundless space

+ FLOW and what flow means


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How to B Podcast: Episode 6 | Amanda Perrot : The Art of Allowing

Welcome to How to B Podcast with Brittany Reid

Episode #6 with Amanda Perrot

AmandaPerrotis a Canadian entrepreneur and speaker.

She founded Grounded Goodness in 2015, a company whose mission is to 'spread goodness.' They achieve this through their inspirational products, social media, and events. Amandaalso blogs regularly, on the Grounded Goodness website.

The summer of 2018 sees Amandaembark on a 7-week road trip around Saskatchewan. The name of the tour is Saskatchewan Sisterhood: the Power of Women's Voices. The idea for a trek around Saskatchewan came to Amandalast fall as a way to invoke love, inspire connection and uplift women in Saskatchewan communities. By co-hosting ~20 events with local women around Saskatchewan, she hopes to provide space for women to have conversations, connect, and simply be.

Amandais also co-owner of 1st Choice Graphics, a printing company based in her hometown of St. Brieux, Saskatchewan.

An avid motivational speaker, Amandaprepares and delivers presentations to a variety of audiences. These presentations are based on kindness, self-awareness, and connection.

In 2017, Amandawon the Toastmaster of the Year Award (District 99), for her contributions to her Toastmasters Club, and for her personal achievements.


Amandaearned a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Geology, from the University of Saskatchewan. She worked in Calgary, Alberta, as a Geologist in the oil & gas sector, from 2005 - 2012.

In 2012, she moved back to her hometown to join her mother at 1st Choice Graphics. In 2015, she launched Grounded Goodness, a division of 1st Choice Graphics.

We Talk about:

- Affirmations
- The power of thought
- Trust and Faith in life & Business
- Business flowing through you
- Meditation and how to weave it into 'busy' times
- Balance while travelling
- Perspectives and the one thread that connects us all
- Taking care of yourself is the most IMPORTANT thing you can do
- & giggles with cacao

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