Luna Grace Isbell-Love || Welcoming the Uncomfortable

Welcome to How to B Podcast Episode #20 with Luna Love

Luna Grace Isbell-Love is a Woman of Devotion, a Soul Midwife, a Transformational Leadership Mentor and host of the podcast: Radical Remembrance. She assists today's leading changemakers in accessing greater alignment in sharing their full presence and life purpose through her business Luna Love Leadership. Essentially helping changemakers bring the sacred into their businesses.

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Luna provides supportive, life-promoting experiences, practical tools, and spiritual wisdom while achieving clear vision with aligned action. She is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation internally and externally. Most of all she is here to walk a path of beauty and grace.


At one point in her life, Luna had to lose herself to find herself. Suffering from unhealed grief and loss she wore a lot of masks to hide her feelings. What she realized was she didn’t have anyone to teach her how to cultivate her emotions during her childhood.


Luna developed this idea that feeling her feelings made her weak and susceptible to the dangers of the world. She found herself numbing herself with parties, promiscuity, and drugs to avoid the pain she felt inside.


But she soon realized the biggest part of her journey was learning how to feel. She finally understood she had to acknowledge the feelings, accept the feelings and then express the feelings fully.


Throughout this process of healing, she learned, even more, it wasn’t the drugs and alcohol that people are codependent on, but it’s also food and toxic relationships. When we recover and find those attachments to our personal identities leave we’re left wondering who we really are.


In the end, allowing herself to feel led her to her aligned purpose. Ultimately, when we feel our feelings it leads us to congruent actions. Alignment isn’t always happy because it can be deep grief or deep sadness. But one thing’s for sure, misalignment is a powerful ally because it shows us the way.


Takeaway from this episode:

Cultivating mindfulness helps us to get into self-awareness which is the path towards alignment.

Mindfulness leads us to welcome the feeling and give it permission to be here.

The shadow brings even more light.

It’s all just information to help guide us.

Be mindful in our business. There are red flags to show us that we’re out of alignment or incongruent with the type of services we’re providing and even the type of clients you serve.

It’s important to practice attunement in reference to our bodies. Our bodies will tell us things if we pause and listen to it.


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How to B Podcast: Susi Kaeufer | Mindset Shifts to Build a 6+ Figure Business while Travelling Full Time

Welcome to How to B Podcast Episode 16 with Susi Kaeufer from Dream Life Deluxe.

Today we sit down with the nomadic entrepreneur Susi Kaeufer of Dream Life Deluxe. She is a visibility and mindset coach for female entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Susi’s on her second tour around the world and has been a nomad for four years now.


In the last year, she’s moved 80 times whilst creating and running a multiple 6-figure business. She’s helped her clients create high-ticket offers that allow them to create consistent income in their soul-based business, take their offline business online to be fully location independent, and get fully booked.

There were lots of gems in this episode. Such as, some people want to invest in processes and systems when if you’re a business owner the best investment that you can make is in yourself because if you’re grown and developing so is your business.

Your business grows naturally. More effortlessly and with ease.The energy of abundance plays a big role into what you would like to produce in the world. If you’re clinging to safety then it’s not creating the space for the Universe to to do its magic.

She’s invested in a lot of mentors and has put a lot of money and energy into getting fast results. After working with a mindset coach is when she realized how much we’re holding ourselves back.

So she committed to changing her money mindset while helping her clients do the same. Running a cheap business gives you cheap results.  In the end it’s about how you can be a better person a better service and that becomes the byproduct of you increasing your income.

Some of the major insights in this episode were:

A scarcity mindset does not give you more in life, it restricts.

We over complicate things.

If something is out of alignment in your business then let it go.

The things that bring the most resistance might be your biggest breakthroughs.

Want to connect more with Susi? You can find her on the following social media platforms:

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How to B Podcast: Vibeke Schurch | Building from the Ground Up

Welcome to How to B Podcast 

Episode #10 with Vibeke Schurch

VibekeSchurch is a Success-soul® Living Coach who provides entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and mindset shifts to have, be and do it all so they can live their purpose and create massive impact and income with their gifts. She is a coach, energy healer, mindset expert and small business wizard with nearly 20 years experience building and growing small businesses. When she's not working with her clients you will find her traveling the world, skiing, hiking, doing yoga or exploring beaches in a tropical paradise.


We Talk About: 

+ Business as a Journey 

+ The journey to discovering her Business today 

+ Collapsing at a ''successful'' corporate position to finding her health and beginning her business that is aligned

+ Manifestation and Law of Attraction


Connect with her: 


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