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How to B Podcast: Hanna Hermanson | Business Coach & Pervious Digital Nomad

Welcome to How to B Podcast with Brittany

Episode 25 with Hanna Hermanson from Dream Life is Real Life

Business Coach and Previous Digital Nomad


On the show today, we have Hanna Hermanson, the founder of Dream Life is Real Life. A former academic adviser and yoga teacher from Wisconsin, Hanna now educates and inspires others through her business coaching, contributions to Forbes, her digital nomad-ing, and efforts to improve the education system with her Dream Life Academy curriculum. Welcome to the show, Hanna!

We Talk About:

From travelling the world as a digital nomad to returning back to USA

Counting the hours down to become FULLY free from her day job.

The shift to WE CAN DO THIS! Got rid of everything and packed up with a one way ticket

She then realized that the “digital nomad lifestyle” was a bucket list thing for herself and not exactly what she was deeply wanting.

Sometimes what we want isn’t forever.

Have you been in a place in your life where you’ve built something that actually doesn’t align with how you want to feel day to day?

It’s okay to not have a sexy why/goal

What it is like working with her partner

Her biggest oppsie in business!

How to stand on a solid foundation to receive the money

Charging High Ticket Prices

Her go to rituals to stay balanced and confident!


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