How to B Podcast: Neel van Lierop | INNER COMPASS

Welcome to How to B Podcast Episode 24 with Neel, founder of Inner Compass


Neel is the founder and creator behind the behind Inner Compass. Here's a peak into who this divine goddess is:

"I inspire others to rediscover their paths. I am absolutely convinced that if you follow your own inner compass, it will guide you towards your full potential: the most authentic and effortless version of yourself.

After years of struggling, searching and analyzing, I managed to live through many life lessons and truly understand their deeper meaning.

This led to a surprisingly free existence and inner peace, but it also gave me the experience of the 49 life themes that became the foundation of the Inner Compass deck.

I am only the messenger of universal wisdom which is available for everyone. I simply opened up, so you can do so too. Now, I follow my own path, shine my light and inspire others to do the same. Guiding people to regain their personal power is my life’s passion." 

- Neel


We talk about:

+ Her journey as an entrepreneur and creator.

+ Using her human design to run her business

+ How you can use cards to help discover what your intuition is trying to share with you

+ How one simple tool can change your life

+ From using numbing as a cooping mechanism to creating a life worth living.

+ Crisis situations that lead her to rediscovering her inner compass.

+ Physical symptoms are often a result of us not listening and how to over this and see your symptoms as a way to direct you back to your inner compass.

+ What you are doing right now is assisting you for the next chapter. No matter how far away you may feel from what you want to do be doing or have no idea what you want to do. It is all assisting you.

+ A mantra to say to yourself if you find yourself judging something or someone.


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How to B Podcast: Jordan Duvall | Branding and Visuals for a Magnetic Business

Jordan Duvall is a Soul Brand Strategist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Success Coach, and Award-winning Art Director with an obsession for Personal Development. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs create an authentic brand and aligned business so they can profit from their passion.


Highlights from this episode:

+ Finally had the true understanding that she is an energy source and is here to do something so much greater.

+ No more all the excuses and hiding.

+ Going through the stories of being “responsible” and needing a job. When her soul was telling her to start a business

+ How to break through the identities.

+ Going through the pivotal moments of personal growth of finding what she really wanted to do

+ What caused an mis-alignment in herself that lead her to the business she has today.

+ Breaking free of the fear of becoming who she really wanted to become

+ She shares her soul-crushing loss

+ How reverse engineering can give you certainty with the unknown.

+ What drives the bus truly in business.

+ Branding, business, mindset do all go together.

+ There is no option besides success. Making this happen once and for all.

+ How to start creating your visual brand without a huge investment.

+ Stop looking outside and LOOK within! You get to decide what you GET to do!

+ DREAM CLIENTS: How to discover who you’re TRULY meant to work with.

+ The three things to do to start your brand and visuals.


"Action cures all things."

"Please never use comic sans. Please, please, please."



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How to B Podcast: Jenny Paul || Balancing it ALL with Live Long + Hustle

Welcome to the How to B Podcast with Brittany Reid

Episode #22 with Jenny Paul

Balancing it ALL with Live Long + Hustle


Jenny is the business coach and blogger behind live long + hustle where she helps entrepreneurs build profitable and meaningful businesses, lead with authenticity and take good care of themselves while doing it all. By learning how to strengthen her intuition, she went from unhappy, stressed out corporate lawyer to building a 6-figure business, working from home, on her own terms, in one year. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband where she runs a legal recruitment company and her coaching business.  

Takeaways from our conversation: 

+ Jenny shares her ways to staying balance between owning a recruitment business and coaching business. 

+ Deciding there’s a need for change and backpacked for 6 months with her partner 

+ Leaving from the Corporate Law world to start her own business 

+ Moving through starting up a business she thought was needed for lawyers and realizing she was meant to be doing something else 

+ How physical manifestation of symptoms can be based off your environment  

+ Why caring so much can leave you sick and how to shift that 

+ Balancing the feminine in a masculine environment 

+ The “should’s” of business and how this can affect our productivity. 

+ Embracing the world HUSTLE in a soulful way. Why hustle is a good thing in soulful businesses ;) 

+ Freedom and creativity can come from discipline and setting yourself up some structure. 

“Discipline is creating freedom for myself” 

“Do you have the awareness of how your body feels when you’re stressed?” 

“Why are we waiting 30-40 years to retire to start living our life?” … because nothing is guaranteed. 


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