Hair Queen Jillian Ripplinger- Happy 10 Years Darling!

My name is Jillian Ripplinger and I am celebrating my 10th year as a Hairstylist in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Growing up I was always very creative, my mother owned a craft store and taught painting, crafting, and art classes, I was in every single class.

Being creative to me is a form of meditation, It’s calming, fun and very rewarding.

When it comes to being a hairstylist being creative was the whole reason I decided this as my career. In my first year of styling, I realized there is a lot more that goes into hairstyling than just being creative. I tend to see beauty in all things, and to help a person feel and look their best is something that I hold so close to my heart. I love seeing people radiant in my chair after their hair is done and ready to take on the world. That is the reason I do what I do. Beyond the hair world I unleash more creativity through fashion, interior design, and graphic design.

When im not at home in the city, I enjoy meeting new people, traveling the world, and adventuring in nature as much as I can.

Within my business I am self employed and chair rent at Beauty House Hair Boutique, where I offer hair services, such as hair styling, cutting, and colouring. As a hair colourist/ balayage artist I essentially do hair colours all day everyday, it’s one of my favourite things to do as a stylist.

Something that inspires me daily is authentic beauty.

When someone is being their truest self, their beauty from within shines to the outside. I love to create natural looks on my clients, whether its beachy curls, texture, or a style with a polished but undone flair. Another great part about being a colourist, is the lengthy appointments, that can create amazing connections with people. As I get so know each client, I hear their story. It really puts things into perspective that we all have our own battles, we aren’t alone.

We’ve all be heartbroken, insecure, vulnerable, happy, angry… the list goes on. It's true what they say that hairstylists can feel like therapists, but in reality as they open up to me, I open up to them. I guess we are each others therapist in ways. The more people I connect with while sitting with them for a few hours, I realize that we are all one, going through a lot of similar things in life. These real conversations I have with clients, inspire me to be my authentic self, and to focus on authentic beauty both inside and out.



My TOP Three Business Moments are:

1. Becoming Key Hairstylist at this years (2018) Saskatchewan Fashion Week. Key Artist means that you are one of the artists that creates the look for the runway.

2. Assisting hair on set of the movie “Adventure club” starring Billy Zane.

3. Choosing to become a Chair Renter which allows me to be Self Employed



What was the most Uncomfortable Moment Creating a Business?

I think the most uncomfortble part about creating your own business and being self employed are the beginning stages. You are vulnerable, you want people to like what you have to offer, you want to be successful, and a lot of those things at the time are uncertain. With trial and error you start to become more confident in your business with understanding what works and what doesn't. Making mistakes aren’t always a bad thing but something that helps growth and success. Don’t ever give up! :)


What is your Daily Ritual? 

My daily ritual always comes back to the simple things. A good sleep, a big cup of coffee outside on the patio, and meditation. I am currently trying to make more time for meditation, but even 5 minutes of it can go a long way in the morning. Right now an author, and spiritual guru, Gabby Bernstein has been helping me with her online affirmations, books, and  meditations. These things always lift my spirit and help keep me grounded, balanced, and my best self before a busy work day.


What are your Tips to Creating Balance in your Life and Business?

I think its very important to create balance with everything in life. Too much of something can leave you drained, uninspired and exhausted. I create balance by traveling. The world is so beautiful and taking the time to adventure is very exciting and grounding to me. Traveling to different parts of the world can showcase different lifestyles, perspectives, and gratitude. Meeting new people and exploring beaches, volcanoes, mountains, brings me down to earth and helps me focus on joy, happiness, creativity, and culture. My heart thrives on those experiences. I come back feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the world and my business. 


Self care and surrounding yourself with great people that are also in the entrepreneur field really helps with my inspiration. Discussing potential collaborations, ideas and being creative together is very empowering. People who are positive and mindful are very important to have in your circle. I don’t know what I’d do without them! <3



Where can people connect with You and Learn more about Your Offerings?

Facebook page: Jillian Ripplinger

Instagram: Jillian_r



It's Jillians 10 year Celebration head over to her page and give her some extra love! A full decade of following her passion, finding balance with becoming an entrepreneur, inspiring us with her luscious Maine, travelling the world, and inspiring others to embrace their authentic beauty. 

So much love Jill! I am blessed to have you part of my Blog Series The Conversation and deeply grateful you keep my Maine tame  and collected! ;)