How to B Podcast: Whitney Eckis | Finding Balance with Social Media

Welcome to the How to B Podcast with

Episode 17 with Whitney Eckis from Eckis Marketing and Influence.

As someone who is consistently visible on the social media marketing scene, Whitney Eckis had to find ways to find balance. She is the founder and owner of Eckis Marketing and Influence. Eckis Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and consulting agency.


Not only is she the doing that full time she also curates an event called Influence. It’s a conference that travels nationally with a specific aim to inspire business communities to better themselves and their communities by using their power of influence.


We all know that brand development isn’t something you shy away from taking it seriously. Brand development is crucial for your business. And social media gives us such a wide range and access to people globally. To top it all of the access is incredibly easy.


As we know, finding balance is Whitney’s jam. She had to figure out a way to balance her life with social media. She shares that she did struggle with comparing herself to other people on social media. Therefore she had to pull away from it. She’s also had to create routines and limitations of her social media intake.


But she understands, to be comfortable with the amount of visibility you receive online the very first factor is accepting who you are.


A few nuggets from this episode are:

Social media is your online build board.

Find your why. Ideas are amazing but a why helps you too narrow down what you’re doing why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it for.

Success is intention, it’s setting out to do something and then actually executing it.

Trusting your gut and being in touch with your intuition. And making decisions outside of monetary gain.

Be humble and set limitations around your social media consumption. Reconnect to what truly matters in life.


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