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Episode 18 with Rachael Pickworth, founder of Woman on Purpose


Have you ever felt called to do something more or felt compelled to walk away from the think you'd worked years to create?

Rachael Pickworth’s entrepreneurial journey began 24 years ago, when at the age of 22 she began Gifted, a corporate gift and hamper business that grew quickly, won numerous business awards and to the world appeared to be a success story.

The truth was she was desperately off course and unhappy. She ultimately walked away from the business she created from the ground up. Despite the accolades of entrepreneurship recognition, she was out of alignment.

That led her on a journey through the ‘dark night of the soul’, in which she spent a year discovering herself. Rachael had to go through a spiritual realignment process to answer the big gnawing questions we often try to avoid. “Who am I?” And, “What am I here to do?”

But now, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Rachael juggles two very different businesses; Woman On Purpose for conscious women and MAD (Make A Difference) Leaders for corporate leaders who want to make a difference in the world.

“We need to create alignment by getting rid of our thoughts that are getting in the way of our alignment. It’s the thinking and lower vibration. We need to get in higher vibration.”


A few highlights from this episode are:

We can’t trust the fear or the doubt.

We need to do something to elevate our energy and vibration.

You have the ability to co-create with the Universe.

We need amazing inspiring leaders who can.

Drive your opportunities, drive your career.

You don’t have to do what people say you have to do.


Want to connect more with Rachael? You can check her out on the following platforms:

Instagram @womanonpurpose.rachael

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