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Robin Hilton Bowden: Yoga Instructor & Tantric Sex Coach

Robin Hilton Bowden

Tantric Sexuality + Jade Egg Coach
Desire Map/Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator
Yoga Instructor and Co Owner of Queen City Yoga
Owner of Indian Head Wellness Collective 


My journey began when I walked into my first Women’s Studies class in University in 1993.  At the time, I hadn’t picked a major and I was meandering through my second year of University with the clock counting down on making some decisions about my future.

About a half hour into the class, I knew my field of study would be feminist theory.  I’d always had a penchant toward activism and Women’s Studies felt like home to me.

When Brittany asked me to write a piece for Chat’s with B – of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  I find writing about who I am and what I do to be a wonderful exercise in clarity with the first realization being that I didn’t know where to begin my story.   I decided to start at what feels like the beginning of the journey that has brought me to writing this piece today.   Maybe it goes back further than this, but I think that monumental task of deciding what I was going to “do with my life” is a good place to begin sharing my life, passions and pleasures with you.

In 1998, I graduated from the University of Calgary with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s studies and, like any good arts student, jumped right into a career of retail management putting my dreams of changing the world aside for a few years.

In 2002, my first daughter was born and in 2005 and 2007 my second and third arrived.  After my third daughter was born, I began practicing yoga and took my yoga teacher training in 2010.  Teaching yoga was truly a dream job for me leading me to open my own studio in Indian Head in 2014.  In 2016, midway through my first offering of teacher training in the studio, I hit a level of burnout that had me doubting my future as a studio owner and yoga instructor.

At this time, my husband suggested I attend a yoga retreat to reconnect to the practice and my own passion for teaching.   While at this retreat, I stayed at my sister’s house and was scrolling Facebook before bed when I came upon my future teacher, Layla Martin’s, YouTube channel.   I normally scroll past this stuff, but this time I clicked in.   This was in March and by June I had registered in her 600 hour Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching program.   I’d finally come full circle to my initial desire to support women have healthier, happier, fuller lives!  I’ve also found the foundation in academic study of Women’s and Gender issues has been a key piece in building the vision for the body based Tantric Sex Coaching work I do which has a wonderful balance between esoteric principles and hard science combining ancient Taoist and Tantric philosophy and practice with modern neuroscience, and psychology.


Today, I’m a Tantric Sexuality Coach and Jade Egg Coach for women.   I support women to fully love their bodies, to erase shame around their sexuality and to guide them on a path to discovering their authentic sexual wholeness.    I do this work through my online Jade Egg School and 1:1 coaching inside a program I call, “Wild + Divine”.  

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My work is inspired by the fluidity and ease through which I see fullness expressed in nature.   A flower doesn’t have to think about blossoming, given the right conditions, it simply just happens.  My job is to help women find the right conditions that will support their blossoming into their sexual fullness.   What I’ve seen time and time again is that once a woman finds her sexual turn on, all aspects of her life that were stuck or stagnant begin to open up for her.  She’s happier, more confident, and more fully alive inside her body. 

I’ve had some incredible milestones in building my business over the past several years.   Some of the big moments were when I graduated my first and second group of yoga teacher trainees.  It always chokes me up to think that I was part of guiding these amazing humans on their path of teaching, and it’s incredibly exciting to witness their successes as teachers! 

Other big moments were graduating from over 600 hours of training to become a certified Tantric Sex Coach and working with my first few clients and then seeing the profound transformation they were experiencing in their lives as a result of working with me. 

A more recent exciting moment has been partnering up with one of the graduates from my first teacher training to create Queen City Yoga.  This is a pop up yoga project in and around Regina that is filling my desire to create supportive, connected community through practice.

Of course, it’s not always been easy and I’ve had some really epic failures over the past few years as well.   My most notable and upsetting failure was a big launch that I put together this past January for a coaching program to support women to feel comfortable being visible with their businesses.   I checked all the boxes, and worked incredibly hard to create an offering that would sell out.   The result?  Not one sale.  I was devastated!   I felt like I might not be cut out to be a coach and went through some very difficult days.   What helped me through were the very tools I was offering as part of the program.   The irony wasn’t lost on me!  I held myself compassionately for a few weeks and then recalibrated which led to my soul based offerings inside of Wild + Divine. 

Wild + Divine is heavily based upon my own practices and is a practice based at its core.   I believe that practice is the key to feeling like myself and staying connected to my vision, passion and purpose.   I wake up at 4:30am almost every day to spend some time in contemplation or practice.   I usually use that time for my sexual self practice, jade egg practice, yoga, meditation or breathwork.   I follow my intuition and sometimes even find myself inspired to so some writing for my own blog during that time.   The key piece is that I get up every day and I spend that time connecting to my body and to my heart.   This is my sustenance for sure!  I believe every entrepreneur needs this kind of ritual in order to remain balanced, in pleasure, and connected to herself. 

When I feel depleted, when I feel uninspired - I look to my practices to pull me back to my passions.   I allow for the natural ebb and flow of life to occur and I always make sure I get out in nature and breathe deeply.   My inspiration always follows pleasure.   When I’m in pleasure, the creativity flows easily and abundantly.  I always honour feeling stuck, and know that it’s all part of nature to flow in and out of expansion and retraction.   When I honour and love all parts of this amazing flow of life through my body - it feels like a big beautiful dance that pulls me along effortlessly.  And when in doubt… having an orgasm or two always helps as well.  

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If you’d like to connect with me, or learn more about my work as a yoga instructor or a Tantric Sex Coach you can visit my website: I’m also on Instagram at @robinhiltonyoga or you can follow Queen City Yoga at @queencityogask


Hair Queen Jillian Ripplinger- Happy 10 Years Darling!

My name is Jillian Ripplinger and I am celebrating my 10th year as a Hairstylist in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Growing up I was always very creative, my mother owned a craft store and taught painting, crafting, and art classes, I was in every single class.

Being creative to me is a form of meditation, It’s calming, fun and very rewarding.

When it comes to being a hairstylist being creative was the whole reason I decided this as my career. In my first year of styling, I realized there is a lot more that goes into hairstyling than just being creative. I tend to see beauty in all things, and to help a person feel and look their best is something that I hold so close to my heart. I love seeing people radiant in my chair after their hair is done and ready to take on the world. That is the reason I do what I do. Beyond the hair world I unleash more creativity through fashion, interior design, and graphic design.

When im not at home in the city, I enjoy meeting new people, traveling the world, and adventuring in nature as much as I can.

Within my business I am self employed and chair rent at Beauty House Hair Boutique, where I offer hair services, such as hair styling, cutting, and colouring. As a hair colourist/ balayage artist I essentially do hair colours all day everyday, it’s one of my favourite things to do as a stylist.

Something that inspires me daily is authentic beauty.

When someone is being their truest self, their beauty from within shines to the outside. I love to create natural looks on my clients, whether its beachy curls, texture, or a style with a polished but undone flair. Another great part about being a colourist, is the lengthy appointments, that can create amazing connections with people. As I get so know each client, I hear their story. It really puts things into perspective that we all have our own battles, we aren’t alone.

We’ve all be heartbroken, insecure, vulnerable, happy, angry… the list goes on. It's true what they say that hairstylists can feel like therapists, but in reality as they open up to me, I open up to them. I guess we are each others therapist in ways. The more people I connect with while sitting with them for a few hours, I realize that we are all one, going through a lot of similar things in life. These real conversations I have with clients, inspire me to be my authentic self, and to focus on authentic beauty both inside and out.



My TOP Three Business Moments are:

1. Becoming Key Hairstylist at this years (2018) Saskatchewan Fashion Week. Key Artist means that you are one of the artists that creates the look for the runway.

2. Assisting hair on set of the movie “Adventure club” starring Billy Zane.

3. Choosing to become a Chair Renter which allows me to be Self Employed



What was the most Uncomfortable Moment Creating a Business?

I think the most uncomfortble part about creating your own business and being self employed are the beginning stages. You are vulnerable, you want people to like what you have to offer, you want to be successful, and a lot of those things at the time are uncertain. With trial and error you start to become more confident in your business with understanding what works and what doesn't. Making mistakes aren’t always a bad thing but something that helps growth and success. Don’t ever give up! :)


What is your Daily Ritual? 

My daily ritual always comes back to the simple things. A good sleep, a big cup of coffee outside on the patio, and meditation. I am currently trying to make more time for meditation, but even 5 minutes of it can go a long way in the morning. Right now an author, and spiritual guru, Gabby Bernstein has been helping me with her online affirmations, books, and  meditations. These things always lift my spirit and help keep me grounded, balanced, and my best self before a busy work day.


What are your Tips to Creating Balance in your Life and Business?

I think its very important to create balance with everything in life. Too much of something can leave you drained, uninspired and exhausted. I create balance by traveling. The world is so beautiful and taking the time to adventure is very exciting and grounding to me. Traveling to different parts of the world can showcase different lifestyles, perspectives, and gratitude. Meeting new people and exploring beaches, volcanoes, mountains, brings me down to earth and helps me focus on joy, happiness, creativity, and culture. My heart thrives on those experiences. I come back feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the world and my business. 


Self care and surrounding yourself with great people that are also in the entrepreneur field really helps with my inspiration. Discussing potential collaborations, ideas and being creative together is very empowering. People who are positive and mindful are very important to have in your circle. I don’t know what I’d do without them! <3



Where can people connect with You and Learn more about Your Offerings?

Facebook page: Jillian Ripplinger

Instagram: Jillian_r



It's Jillians 10 year Celebration head over to her page and give her some extra love! A full decade of following her passion, finding balance with becoming an entrepreneur, inspiring us with her luscious Maine, travelling the world, and inspiring others to embrace their authentic beauty. 

So much love Jill! I am blessed to have you part of my Blog Series The Conversation and deeply grateful you keep my Maine tame  and collected! ;) 

Sacred Roots: Words by Jillian Marie


Greetings cosmic family, 

My name is Jillian Marie and I am a visual artist and midwife of women's consciousness. 

I specialize in creative photography and offer sacred ceremony to connect people, especially women, more deeply to their hearts and the infinite potential they harness. 

Soul Photography

I love becoming a part of someone's world. 

As a visual artist that's what gives me the ability to capture the essence of a person, inclusive companionship and play. 

Capturing truth and beauty is my passion. 

The approach of working with me as a visual artist is intuitive and co-creative, which creates space for the soul to effortlessly guide the direction of each shoot. 

I strive to create powerful art, and I am so grateful to be offering what I love. 

When I was young my papa always had a camera in hand. He captured childhood moments often, he showed me how to operate his video camera and I would tape everything! 

I fell in love with capturing precious moments and reflecting on the growth between each one. 

Papa said, "One day you'll look back on photos and deeply appreciate them because they were moments in your life that you only lived once." I always held his words in my heart, every moment is unique and every moment is a space in which we live once.

There's something magical about seeing life through rose coloured eyes, naturally, and being able to share that with others visually. 

Sacred Ceremony for Women

Growing up I suppressed my feminine magnificence. I allowed my inclusive expression to be silenced through overwhelming fears of rejection, neglect and societal criticism.

Living in a way that dishonoured the sacredness of spirit, I struggled to find my true place as a woman within a society that ignores and represses the profound potential for a woman awakening her love, purpose, and power.

Through rediscovering and embodying this truth of who I was as an embodied woman, I cam to understand my natural rhythm. I uncoiled my feminine power and dove deep into the mysteries of the divine feminine, the primordial creative force that brings life to everything. 

Since 2014 - I have created sacred spaces for women to reconnect back to their truth. By coming together we channel energy in a powerful and encompassing way, allowing us to experience a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and Mother Earth. 

After one women’s offering I hosted, a woman mentioned she had been experiencing drowning in darkness and that if it wasn’t for the gathering she likely would have ended her life. This reassured my knowing that women’s voices are more important now than ever, and that each gathering remains the perfect place to plant the seeds for a new vision for humanity based on love, connection and compassion. 

Sisterhood is a way of being. It is a celebration of all that is potently feminine - it is foremost a choice to be alive and luscious in female mystery and magnificence, it is a path of the heart. 

Sisterhood is a movement of kindness. It encompasses all women, it is an energy that encompasses men too, and is healing for the planet. While Sisterhood is rising and becoming more of a powerful force, many women are still healing their own wounds. 

Like most women, I have experienced my share of feminine wounding. My own journey with sisterhood has been interesting and not always easy. And so much of my healing has been through sisterhood and learning to receive feminine nurturing and be present to my truth. 

In support of this personally unique journey of the feminine, I offer a monthly sacred sisterhood gathering for women which is a collective remembering and embodying of insuring self love and connection the earth.

Become together in hopes that throughout our participation we may be inspired, empowered and supported by one another and conscious offerings shared. 

“Jillian’s ceremonies have been deeply transformational for me. She creates and holds a beautiful loving space where I have been able to truly be myself and shed layers that I’ve been fighting for years. Each time I’ve had tears streaming down my face, a feeling that is finally coming home. Thank you Jill for your devotion to empowering women and bringing us home to our hearts. Forever grateful.” - Lindsey


When people ask me ''What do you do?" I often respond "Whatever I want." It's true, liberating and shape-shifting always! I love the independence, the control and freedom from routine. Often times you may not know where your next paycheck is coming from or the abundance following, but you do know that you have unique gifts others will invest in. Whether it’s creating a product or a service that people buy, you know how to create abundance on your own. You don’t need to worry about layoffs, corporate downsizing, or a bad boss. The longer that you are a self-employed artist/creative the more confident you become in your ability to survive and thrive on your own, regardless of the situation.

To be honest, it took me a while to experience what I was truly offering. An awakening in Ubud, Bali while attending a powerful women's retreat dissolved old conditioned beliefs regarding self worth. For years I believed my service had to be free or cheap to be genuine service. I dismissed the time, energy, and the love that I was pouring into cultivating each one - and the value people were receiving. At the time a beloved sister said to me 'This is your livelihood Jill, and you have to put food on your table too.' In that moment I explored in my heart and knew even if there was no abundance involved, I'd still create and serve. To create a sacred space which we connect our hearts, lift our spirits, and honour each other, empowers each of us to embrace the power and beauty that is the core of who we are.

True success means appreciating and relishing in the creative process, following your own path at your own pace, and staying true to your vision. Often as creatives we don’t want to believe that the experience of creating is sometimes messy and full of mistakes along the way.  And we don’t want to believe that our creative vision will almost always exceed our ability. Being an artist is not about lightning bolts of inspiration all the time. It is about listening closely and then doing your best to express what you feel. More than anything, however, it is about not giving up. Creating art is not simply 'another job.' Even if we are lucky enough to earn enough money from our art to financially support us, being an artist is not just what we do — it’s who we are. It’s that little voice inside that compels us to create. The one that won’t take “no” for an answer. No matter how long we ignore it or try to distract ourselves from it, it will still be there whispering in our ear... You were born an artist, now create!

My art and sacred offerings are intimate intricacies of who I am and how I serve.

But my service is not in what I do, rather who I am...

It is not in each photo shoot or secret offering, but in every moment.


By learning to live with an open heart in the space of consistent service you will receive the most profound gift life has to abundantly offer.

My wish and blessing is that you reach and experience your completion blissfully.

Bless our collective steps family!

With love,

Jillian Marie


To learn more about Jillians offerings email