How to B Podcast: Samantha Hearne | Overcoming Anxiety

Welcome to How to B Podcast with Brittany

Episode 18 with Samantha Hearne, founder of A Happy Mind


Samantha Hearne meets with us to share how anxiety shows up in our lives and the things we can do to overcome it.

She’s an award winning anxiety coach, author and podcast host. Samantha coaches women and female entrepreneurs to overcome their anxieties so they can thrive in their lives and businesses.

Let’s face it, anxiety is a crippling disorder that prevents people from stepping into their greatness because it isn’t an emotion that can be quantified.

Most of us are constantly worried about something in our lives. And through that worry anxiety  magnifies our insecure feelings about how we are seen in this world.

While being a full-time teacher, Sam started to build her business, spoke at different events, wrote for mental health blogs and currently she hosts her own podcast. She understands what it means to work really hard on your business while juggling multiple commitments. Anxiety almost derailed her mission to serve.

It’s crucial to identify how anxiety is present in your life. Sam states there are three categories of anxiety. They are emotional, circumstantial and physical.

Once you begin to understand the differences then the next thing to do is to identify any trends. When you are self-aware and you will notice the trends. From there, you can then create strategies to help reduce your anxieties.

A few nuggets from this episode are:

Never be ashamed for your story and never apologize for it.

You don’t have to take on other people’s emotions.

You can create amazing things in your life and move past the story that’s holding you back.

Without understanding yourself nothing can change.

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You can also buy a copy of Let’s Kick Anxiety’s Butt.

How to B Podcast: Whitney Eckis | Finding Balance with Social Media

Welcome to the How to B Podcast with

Episode 17 with Whitney Eckis from Eckis Marketing and Influence.

As someone who is consistently visible on the social media marketing scene, Whitney Eckis had to find ways to find balance. She is the founder and owner of Eckis Marketing and Influence. Eckis Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and consulting agency.


Not only is she the doing that full time she also curates an event called Influence. It’s a conference that travels nationally with a specific aim to inspire business communities to better themselves and their communities by using their power of influence.


We all know that brand development isn’t something you shy away from taking it seriously. Brand development is crucial for your business. And social media gives us such a wide range and access to people globally. To top it all of the access is incredibly easy.


As we know, finding balance is Whitney’s jam. She had to figure out a way to balance her life with social media. She shares that she did struggle with comparing herself to other people on social media. Therefore she had to pull away from it. She’s also had to create routines and limitations of her social media intake.


But she understands, to be comfortable with the amount of visibility you receive online the very first factor is accepting who you are.


A few nuggets from this episode are:

Social media is your online build board.

Find your why. Ideas are amazing but a why helps you too narrow down what you’re doing why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it for.

Success is intention, it’s setting out to do something and then actually executing it.

Trusting your gut and being in touch with your intuition. And making decisions outside of monetary gain.

Be humble and set limitations around your social media consumption. Reconnect to what truly matters in life.


Want to connect more with Whitney? You can check her out on the following platforms:

Facebook @Eckis Marketing

Instagram @eckismarketing, @influencesandiego, @influencelosangeles

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First 1/4 Lessons in Business and Life

First 1/4 Lessons in Business and Life

This year started off with a huge surprise. We’re pregnant with a little boy and couldn’t be more excited and blessed to be initiated into parenthood. After a challenging year before of loss, I began the year practicing trust. Trusting at a level that I never knew. I always trusted my decisions in business and leaps we’re my thing…. but trusting my body came back to the wounds and challenges I’ve experienced since a little girl. The business was different this year. I knew things were going to be new, interesting, and all sorts of turns.

I feel every day I learn something new. Isn’t what the self-awareness way? Although after sitting with the first trimester and running a business I LEARNT a lot. And, deeply thank all of my clients for their patience and spaciousness with the most intense first trimester symptoms. #sickallday. In Chinese medicine, they say the stronger the symptoms the healthier the pregnancy. I’ll take it ;)!

  1. Even with help sometimes things need to pause. Whether we have people working for us as an employee or contractors/assistants that run their own business; sometimes there is a pause. And, that is okay. There is so much pressure we put on ourselves to still operate at the level we have been or keep growing and always be scaling upwards. But in reality, pauses are medicine for the soul. I had to pause at the start of the year and everyone that was part of my team was no longer around. I was looking for new people to come on board but in reality, my first trimester took all of my energy. I knew where I needed to focus, on my baby and my clients. My clients are the most important - so that is where I focused. And, resting in between. Lots of resting as my body was adjusting to all of the hormones and fastly multiplying cells.

    You are allowed to pause. You do not always need to be scaling. You can have an ebb period in your business and that is okay. Let go and allow yourself to breathe a bit. Where you are right now is everything!

    *** Another benefit of this pause was being able to see the cracks and come back to a massive celebration and gratitude for everything I have created in my business. It was a gift, like always!

  2. Time is everything. I know that if I could recommend anyone starting a business to take time to map out 1 income stream that comes from the least amount of time. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of work at the beginning stages. But a system that will fulfill your mission, fill your bank account, and give you back heaps of time! Your time is everything. Time is the only thing we have, this very moment. This is a huge reminder for myself and why I will continue to unravel the best time hacks possible. This is a reminder of why I started- not really a lesson I guess. But growing a little one and having my focus shift in August to nurture this little being when he comes earthside is massively important. And, that means more time for us, more time and value more my clients, and less time working in my business. Working 1:1 is wonderful and I will always have an element of this in my business but I also am reminded even more why creating a freedom based business designed around my desires is HUGE! There are so many ways you can still provide the intimate space while working with many people at once. If your curious about what that looks like for you? Send me an email and let's chat- this is my jam!

    Are you wanting to start a business in a fulltime or parttime job? Create a magnetic offering that you can share with many people at the same time. Then, grow that baby! You can easily create massive amounts of impact and income for you and this world even with working in your day job. You don’t have to quit everything to start building something for your future.

  3. Always have a Coach. I decided and was pulled to take more courses and programs rather than a mentorship with a 1:1 coach in the last while… I must say I MISS having a 1:1 coach/mentor myself. I've had the support and guidance through all of the other programs/courses I have invested in. But, there is nothing like having a 1:1 coach ALL THE TIME! It will always be “scary” to invest but there is nothing more powerful and potent than saying YES to yourself and being guided by someone who inspires, motivates you, and can call you on your blocks. The blocks are everything and it is much quicker to get to where you want to go when you have someone on the outside supporting you and cheering you on. Invest, Invest, Invest. Always invest in having a mentor while doing your programs/courses. This mentor doesn’t always have to be about the ROI for your ‘bottom line in business’ but a mentor that will support you in your embodied as an entrepreneur. Ultimately that will bloom and scale your business without even having to FOCUS much on “I need to make X amount.” You and connection to yourself is your bottom line in business- you are the FOUNDATION! It doesn’t always have to be the “sales”, “marketing”, “systems” way- everyone will easily buy into “I will teach you how to X time this….” and I question I have for you is: Are you are still reaching outside yourself for external validation and results to justify yourself to the world?

    What about investing into yourself because you know you are worthy or that investment. Not because of the ROI that will come back in regards to # but what about the ROI that is life-long? That is invaluable and there is no price tag for the results you will have when you invest into yourself for LIFE! Think life long not just for next month ;) .

These are reminders and lessons I have learned personally as a business coach, entrepreneur, and mama to be. Everything is always evolving and you are capable of creating everything you wish in your life/business. Create a sustainable way for yourself and what you will bloom into that you may not even see in your future right now.

Know, it is possible.

It is here.

And, you are worthy of your wildest dreams.

There is nothing that limits us, except ourselves.

Lean into the resistance and sticky parts.

Love and show up fiercely for yourself and your mission.

With Love,