5 Figure and Flow FREE Training - Day 4


Hey beautiful! Welcome to Day 4 of my free training. I know this is going to be super valuable for you. Check out the video below, and then have a read through the key points underneath the video!


Day 4 key points:

- Create systems that match up with your business.

- Systems create more fluidity in your business

- Systems cultivate more space

- It’s all about training your people in your community how to work with you, then you gain more respect and people honor your boundaries more

- The reason we are so impatient as a society is because we lack boundaries when it comes to replying.

- It’s coming back down to what is most efficient for you

- Turn off all notifications for the apps that are running your life

- Put your phone on Airplane mode so you can be present in what you are doing

- Being resistant to having personal time means you need it even more.

- The more we can focus and do our work without any stimulation, the quicker it’s going to get done.

- Contracts are clear communication of what you are providing your client and what you expect out of them

- Contracts are not something to be afraid of

- Simple systems create flow.


Thank you so much for watching Day 4, I hope it inspired and challenged you! Don't forget to check your inbox tomorrow for Day 5!