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Personally and in my business I have experienced the never ending To Do List and the overwhelming feeling of what is needed to be accomplished. When we are flowing with creative projects and always learning/growing in business and personally the amount of 'things' we feel committed too can easily leave us feeling like we are climbing up a mountain. Overtime this feeling can become heavy and we are left drained and un-inspired. 

I have felt this all to well. 


When we reframe our perception and 'brain dump' we can be present with each task, have more brain space, create healthy boundaries in our creative business, and map out a plan for our goals. 

It isn't about our To Do List; its about our Mini Wins during the day. 

Celebration creates JOY!

You deserve to celebrate all that you accomplish throughout the day. We don't often see all of the beauty that has come in and out of our lives each day. You would be surprised!


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