Sacred Millionaire

Are you a Spirit Led Women, a Coach, a Creative Entrepreneur Who Wants to Break Free of Self Imposed Limitations so You can Live your Life’s Purpose Unapologetically and make millionaires that are aligned with your sacred work?

Sister, I feel your calling. I can see your gifts.
Is it time to rise so you can offer the gifts within you to the world?

Is it time to breakthrough emotional eating habits so you can create a healthy relationship with food?

Is it time to stand within your truth so you can be unwaveringly powerful?

Is it time to walk your soul’s purpose so you can feel electric?

Is it time to step into your Sacred Rebel so you can fully experience this life?



If you want to…

Stand within your truth

Create Food Freedom so you can stop feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

Cleanse your system of impurities that are holding you back from vibrant health.

Ignite your divine power so you can start your passion project.

Learn the beauty of your cycle and how we can create from this space.

Build a tribe of women globally.

Breakdown all programmed/condition beliefs so you can be your TRUEST self.


This is for you.


Hi, I'm Brittany Reid.

When I first stepped into my soul purpose it was scary. My deepest fear was being judged and being accused of being too real. I always felt if I said too much or if I made someone uncomfortable I wouldn't be successful or liked. I didn’t want to be my RAW or WILD self because I feared I’d no longer be accepted.

I was so scared I would never truly know myself. I was so scared of being alone. I was extremely fearful of expressing my deepest needs.

I was creating physical health imbalances due to living a shadowed life, filled with negative emotions, self-sabotaging behaviour, and a completely closed throat.

I lived with an eating disorder for years, and nobody knew. I manifested an autoimmune disease due to my lack of boundaries. I had symptom after symptom appear because I was always allowing people to walk all over me.

On top of my health challenges, I lived paycheck to paycheck and felt unworthy of financial freedom, yet I hid behind the newest gadgets and clothes to falsely show I had it all together.

There was no way I wanted people to hear or see my suffering. I thought I would be stuck in the darkness forever.

I left on a big jet plane. I moved away again from my birth city to truly shake my foundation.

I am beyond grateful, I left. This truly taught me that I was never going to be able to serve or be able to create real relationships in my life if I kept being a dull version of myself. I needed to leave to not find myself but discover the spirit already within. At first it was uncomfortable but I knew within my heart that this was the only way. TO WAKE UP! To fall in love with all that was already there. To learn all of what was shoved down.

I began diving into everything that wasn’t the ‘norm’. I read book after book. I practiced all types of physical asana (yoga) to break open. I began a healing journey with my food relationship (this took a very long time to feel comfortable in my own skin). I detoxed my entire body to allow more space and clarity to flow in. I moved back. I moved away. I wandered. I rooted down. While I was dabbling in all areas of health I sought out teachers who were lead by spirit to teach me how to deepen my connection. This is where I started to bloom and stand in my truth.

There were moments of doubt, but I knew within my heart the more I put myself in uncomfortable, soul growing, moments, the more I would begin to feel at home.


Once I truly claimed my womb, I awoke.

This is a path of foundation, curiosity, alignment, and womb activation.

I am now devoted to awakening the powerful goddess within.



You are not here to live a shadowed, hollow life. You are here on this earth plane to experience brilliance, beauty, and grace. You are here to live a life that is so dreamy you can hardly wait for what’s next.

You are Powerful.

You are Worthy.

You are a Leader.

You have Arrived.


Introducing: Sacred Rebel

The 3 Month Group Immersion for Spiritual Women who are ready to unleash their calling, start their movement, speak their truth and fully love themselves.


Are you ready for this?

This is for you if you:

  • If you’re tired of playing small.

  • If you want to stop numbing out and staying in the shadows

  • If you’re ready to fully commit to your life’s work.

  • If you have ever felt like something is missing in your life.

  • If you want to feel ecstatic about your life and your purpose.

  • If you want to synchronize with your cycles and break free of limited beliefs.

Here's What's in Store:


Ceremony 1: Igniting the Wombyn Within

This is the foundation of our work. We will begin to work with kundalini energy to ignite your pure energy source and tap into the creator. This will allow you to start creating in flow and become a manifestor magnet. 


Ceremony 2: Food Sensuality and Healing

When we are nourishing our body and spirit; life begins to flow. In Food Sensuality and Healing we will be working with our physical body to heal hormonal imbalances and break free of any self-sabotaging body image relationships. 


Ceremony 3: Sex & Intimacy

We discover the true pleasures of life through self love practices, activating the womb space, and creating an abundant lifestyle. Nurturing yourself and redefining what intimacy and sex looks like in your life will give you the opportunity to explore your truest creative potential. 


Ceremony 4: Money & Boundaries

Are you stuck in scarcity? Are you limited your financial goals because you are scared to be seen or truly live within your power? We begin to work at re-defining your relationship with money and what areas of your life do you give away your power. 


Looking into our belief system and breakthrough the 3 major limiting beliefs (below)

1. "Money is Evil."

2. "I Don’t Deserve it."

3. "I Can’t Get it or am Worthy of it."


Breaking free of these 3 major limiting beliefs will open up the channel of abundance and your wildest dreams will start to become reality. This will give you the ability to start manifestor in all areas of your life. 


Ceremony 5: Harnessing your Voice

Learning how to ask for what you want, stand within your truth, and be unapologetically vocal. We have become TOO quiet. We have tamed our wild spirit within. This is now the TIME to step into your power and truly ask for what you want so you can finally receive everything you want- the business, the love, the health, the financial freedom, and the creative expression.


Ceremony 6: Illuminated Being

Our final ceremony will be integration and celebration of your journey within Sacred Rebel. This is YOUR time to step fully into your sacred work and shine your light even brighter. During the ceremony we will reflect on the past 11 weeks together and seal in the growth and experience together, in circle.


To ignite you wombyn within will awaken your soul's purpose while honouring your Wild Untamed Self.


What You Receive:

  • Seed Cycling Kits (for the entire duration)
  • Ceremonial Cacao serving
  • Yoni Steam Herbs
  • 1- 90 minute Private Initiation Call with Brittany
  • A Digital Welcome Package (about womb health, ritual, feminine power, and sacred circles)
  • Zoom Ceremony every 2 weeks (cycle transition)
  • Nourished Womb-en Guide to Vibrant Health (Sample Meal Plan/ Guidance for hormone and adrenal balance)
  • How to create a Womb Ritual




Private Facebook Group

Cacao Meditation and How to Prepare

Harnesses your VOICE meditation

Weekly Work sheets to move through money/worthy blockages

Resources for Women rising, health, and spiritual empowerment



Guest Sister Shape Shifters (to be announced in Private Facebook Group)

I invite you to apply below.


There is limited space available, so if you’re feeling the call, apply today:

To schedule an alignment call, where I’ll get super clear on where you are, and where you want to go, so we can feel if we’re a beautiful fit to work together within the container of Sacred Rebel.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

How are the digital ceremonies hosted?

We will be streaming live from Zoom. The ID will be given upon registration. If you are unable to attend that night we will be sending out the recording the following day.


Is this for me, if I am already along my spiritual journey?

109% YES! This program is designed to activate and also bring in more awareness to women who have already done work with food, self love, money, womb cleansing, etc….

I believe no matter how much personal growth ‘work’ we have gone through doesn’t mean there isn’t value to diving back in. Energy can be released and it can also be held back in the same area unaware. This is a beautiful journey to embark on at any stage.


How will I receive this package?

You will receive a package in the mail with all physical items (yoni steam, seed cycling….) and the rest will be sent out digitally within the weeks we do not have a ceremony scheduled. This way you have the ability to weave in and integrate what each weeks focus is.


What if I want to sign up but am not sure how much time I can invest?

This is a very exciting new offering that I am not sure will be offered LIVE again in the future. Since we record all of the ceremonies and what you receive is mostly digital you can begin at any stage if you would like. The more time you invest into yourself; the more benefits you will receive.

The Private Facebook group will never be taken down even when the program finishes. This is a space to connect with other women within the group and have support/guidance from myself moving forward.

Showing up to the ceremonies is highly recommended to receive the most out of this program. All of the added bonuses and exercises that are given in-between are there for an added benefit to create daily ritual and growth.


How do I know this immersion is right for me?
You were guided to this space for a reason. It may not be clear right now but I ask for you to tap into your heart and see what is truly speaking to you. The more willing and open you are to implementing this program will be a direct reflection of your success within. I believe the universe aligns our TRIBE.


What if I have never tapped into my spiritual self?

I adore you! If there was a program designed to work on all of these areas when I first was stepping into womanhood and a creative entrepreneur I would of saved many moments of trial and error. Those moments have served a purpose in my life, offering this program to awaken women like yourself.


It is time to rise sister

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