Signature Money Relationship Course

4 Week online Self Study Course

Rewrite your money story and step into the infinite earning potential within.


Money, money, money! Is your hair standing up on your arms? Do you feel an immediate judgment to yourself? What does it feel to hear this word?

We are often taught from a very young age all of the ways to create a distant, painful, and self-sabotaging relationship with money. 

Our relationship with money is already defined before we are even truly conscious of what ‘‘money’’ is. Then, we go and reinforce this experience over and over again creating habits, thoughts, and beliefs!

Why does this happen?

Because money is that ‘taboo’ and nasty subject that MANY people avoid until they have no other option. Why, put yourself through that pain?

I know I did. I didn’t realize for many years how destructive my relationship was with money. Why I would attract lots of it…. And then have ZERO. Playing the yo-yo diet and never feeling safe or worthy of a magnetic and loving relationship with money. 

Until, I CHOOSE to:

  • GET REAL with myself 

  • Look at my money story

  • Be willing to forgive my inner child (& my father!)

  • And, CHOOSE to re-create my relationship with money 

  • ALLOW myself the space, with 100% permission, to LOVE MONEY!

This comes in LAYERS ladies! 

It isn’t a simple flip of a switch. Because if it was, we all wouldn’t have a self-sabotaging relationship with money or feel un-worthy of having lots of it. 

How willing are you to do what others aren’t willing to do? The WORK! To do something different so you can experience the different result you are craving?

It takes practice, everyday!

( A compound effect- we practice the giving and receiving multiple times per day which results in MEGA results!)

I am here to TELL you it is a million times worth it to re-write your story, release old habits, and step fully into the earning potential that is already rooted within you.

I would never be where I am today, if I didn't say yes and take the uncomfortable leap and face my money story.

Self Study Course: $333 with Lifetime Access

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She tapped into her true value, increased her rates, and attracted clients with ease! Scaling her business to 5 figures per month and filling up her programs with her dream clients! Here is what she said about working with me:

Do It and you’re welcome. haha! Brittany really helped me to see my worth. She helped me feel more confident about getting a higher price for my service, she helped me simplify and structure my business that really serves me and my customer well. She helped me to be a better version of myself for my business and help me put clear boundaries in place to protect my energy. She helped me just be. There were a lot of conditionings that had to be undone and once they were, business and life got so much easier. She is an amazing human being who offered so much love and support. She’s a soulful badass who is really really smart. She lovingly called me on my shit when needed and got me out of my own way and onto an amazing business. You get what you pay for in one session and the rest is a bonus! Being able to talk to Brittany every week, pick her brain, and be accountable to the goals she helped me create was everything I needed to really get my business to take off. For anyone considering hiring Brittany, take my advice and just do it (ok maybe that is Nikes advice but I am using it! lol).
— Karey Kapell

A course that will: 

  • Rewrite your money story, at the core! No more yo-yo dieting with money!

  • Discover your money relationship and how YOU can build one that is happy, balanced, and exciting

  • Develop more self trust and deep self value

  • Take your income to the whole new level

  • Attract more opportunities and clients that are willing to pay you

  • Tap into energy that is WAITING for you

  • Start that dream project you’ve been wanting too!

  • And, be able to increase your overall wealth to fund all of those beautiful dreams of yours!

This is for you if: 

  • You are ready to let go of the belief that you are unworthy of money

  • You are ready to give up the ‘’struggle’’ and self sabotaging shopping sprees

  • You are ready to stop putting your worth in $ and understand how deeply worthy you are AS YOU

  • You are ready to be MASSIVELY compensated for your talents and gifts (fill your offerings!)

  • You are ready to be confident and excited to PAY for things! (And, receive massively!)

  • You are ready to invest into yourself for REAL results 

  • You are ready to receive what you are capable of (money holds no limits!)

  • You are ready to create a business (& life) with cash flow, ease, and flow!

This isn’t for you if you are unwilling to get uncomfortable and take responsibility!

(the most liberating space to truly be in!!!)


Money is a constant relationship just like sleeping, eating, smiling, and breathing! 

It isn’t something you figure out and then you are groovy to go. It is constantly changing and evolving. How flipping cool! That means we can truly change our reality in one choice that creates massive opportunities. ;)

It is Energy! 

And this 4 week money relationship course is for the beginning, middle, and end! It can be applied to your life at any point because at the end of the day our money relationship is one of the most powerful practices to come back to when we are experiencing change. 

& Money is your bestie!!!! 

It a powerful tool to take your life, business, or career to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Giving you unlimited choice and freedom to do exactly what you want at any given time!

Are you ready?

Self Study Course: $333 with Lifetime Access

read results from one of our money course babes one week into course:

“After working through some of the practices and diving into week one of Brittany’s money course I decided to could be the price of my 1:1 course; signed a new client and she didn’t even hesitate on the new price. I spoke with such confidence, believed in my worth and she signed up on the spot and paid in FULL! I decided to invest in myself at the beginning of November and this investment has already paid for itself. So happy with my results of the money course so far. Thanks Britt <3.”

- Makayla, Social Bird Co.

Update: Within months after taking the course she hit her first five figure month and RECENTLY hired 2 team members to grow her biz.

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  • 4 Weekly Recorded Trainings

  • Weekly Workbooks

  • Meditations and Visualization to begin reprogramming the way money feels

  • Lifetime Access

Let me Share what’s in Store for Each Week:

We all grow up with a story and this story creates our habits we are experiencing today. In the first week we go to the core and see where it all began. This is the only way to truly move past an experience; going to the root. In a safe and welcoming space I will walk your through a practice to bring you back to the core, discover what’s there, and begin to understand the truth. If we don’t go to this space we will never be able to build a new foundation. One that is solid ;)!

Energy can leak and cause chaos in many areas of your life. This week will be focused on your daily habits and how to apply this work everyday. Releasing the uncomfortable energy around thoughts like “it’s time to pay”, “I am un-worthy.”, “I keep doing this to myself.”, “why can I never seem to save knowing it will come back.”, “why does money feel hard.”. 

It’s about becoming a magnet to money. SAYING YES UNIVERSE I AM READY!!!! To attract more money, the real $$$$, to your bank account. We will go over what is YOUR ‘baseline’ and how to feel the limitless amount available to you, attract those opportunities, and stay aligned with you mission!

Take full responsibility of your money relationship and become wealthy in all areas of your life. Ultimately this mastery is about giving and receiving. Feeling so incredibly supported and empowered to make money decisions with ease. Beginning to cultivate all of the wealth you desire! The true earning potential within!

BONUS": Kundalini Rituals to increase your abundance, attract customers/opportunities with ease, and claim your power! The practice that took my business and money mindset for lack/struggle to ease and flow. Hello, multiple six figure working part time!

To be able to teach in a way that shares one’s own wisdom while also guiding the student to connect and foster their own innate inner wisdom is truly a treasured gift that Brittany embodies. Leading heart forward yet soul centred allows Brittany to create a deep and grounded learning experience that will truly cause shifts within you and your life. If you are searching for guidance and stumble upon Brittany’s path, I urge you to walk with her for a while and see where it takes you. As you wander, make sure to ask for a drink... I’ve heard she has the best hot chocolate.
— Joanna S.

When we show up we are given the how! 

Money can leave us feeling stuck, unworthy, and NEVER good enough. 

It’s time to stop the constant yo-yo diet and drop the ‘struggle’.

Join the EXCLUSIVE self study 4 week training I take my high level clients through so that they can reach their desired income and feel confident when investing in THEMSELVES!



Choose YOU and master your money relationship!

The first step, investment! Repeat after me “This money will come back to be tenfold. I believe in myself and my ability to attract more money opportunities and trust within myself.”

Since I’ve invested into coaching with Brittany my business has built itself from the ground up completely! I’ve earned over $3500 in a span of 2 months (crazy right!?). I sold out my first two workshops and I’ve begun to create offerings that feel aligned with who I am and what I want to bring into my clients lives. This coaching didn’t just elevate my business, it allowed me to grow as well. Brittany holds you accountable to the growth you want to cultivate within your business. When you show up, the opportunities do too. I can’t thank you enough for graciously offering your time and service to help me grow into an entrepreneur. The craziest thing is that I just started stepping into my business in January 2018 and as of April 1st 2018 I am going to be working for myself! My journey has just begun and I can’t thank Brittany enough for being my guiding light and mentor during this entire process.
— Soul Studio, Alexica Bonis

What other money course babes are saying:

Are you with me?

I came up with all of the excuses already for you to NOT do this, you don’t have the time, money, or unworthy of a beautiful relationship with yourself and your creative work!

I did that part for you, now you can take the next step babe! ;) 

The one reason why people never achieve what they want in life is because they keep thinking about it rather than doing something different to yield the result they are looking for.

Don’t make the mistake of delaying and putting off investing into your future. You are worthy of having a magnetic and confident relationship with money so that you can fulfill all of your dreams, pay off your debt, invest into your future, and never allow another nasty feeling at the grocery store ruin your day!

Results from Laurel, Inner Evolution

Results from Laurel, Inner Evolution

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee any specific results. I am not a financial advisor or have any financial background/degree. I can only share you my personal practice around healing my past relationship with money, practices I have used to change my energetic beliefs and states of being around receiving more money. This is a 4 week course of what has worked for me and countless others. Although I can not guarantee or say you will receive results, an increase of income, or any change in your money relationship.

(GST included at check out)

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