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Hi, my Given Name is Brittany Reid!

I created my business around my life and my desires. At first I saw 'hustle' and 'grind' was the only way to become truly successful (the money kind) in the entrepreneurial world. Before I left my full time contract I felt so nervous of another burn out. Within my heart, I knew there was a DIFFERENT way. I went on a path to discover people within the entrepreneurial world that was 'going against the grain' and hacking the system of belief that starting a business/ running a business was long, hard, and life consuming. 

I am your Soulful Online Business Mentor, Holistic Nutriitonist, Ceremony Facilitator, Plant Based Foodie, and Kundalini student. I teach entrepreneurs how to find ease and flow in their business by working with intuitive strategy and mindset work.  I cut out the ‘complicated’ and ‘hustle’ and tap my clients into the energy where they are ignited with passion and alignment by using practical tools to achieve massive results in less time.

Where it all started... 

I reached burn out in a J.O.B. one that I loved and was in a market that my whole life was based around (whole food and holistic wellness) and was puzzled how I possibly could be so tired and sick while working in an industry that was healthy and balance promoting. I was burned out, broke, and bloated (hehe, oh so true). 

I decided to let go and embrace CHANGE. I knew the only way to my life was OWNING it completely. I knew I operated as a entrepreneur and now I understand why so many of my employers wanted to keep me as long as possible. When you have someone working for you that is passionate, driven, and always ahead by a couple steps that is SO refreshing. Beyond refreshing!

what better way to begin my jumping into the deep end, right? 

If you have known me for quite some time you will know that I am spontaneous, wild, and a touch rebellious with the 'norm'. 

I jumped in and fully emerged myself in ALL THE THINGS! 

This lead me on a fully ignited life and business that I once dreamt about but was so 'sacred' of doing it and actually living this life day in and day out. 


Dreams can be imitating, I feel you! They can be so BIG and 'WILD' that they truly don't feel it could possibly happen. 


I am here to tell you,

It is possible!

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