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Do It and you’re welcome. haha! Brittany really helped me to see my worth. She helped me feel more confident about getting a higher price for my service, she helped me simplify and structure my business that really serves me and my customer well. She helped me to be a better version of myself for my business and help me put clear boundaries in place to protect my energy. She helped me just be. There were a lot of conditionings that had to be undone and once they were, business and life got so much easier. She is an amazing human being who offered so much love and support. She’s a soulful badass who is really really smart. She lovingly called me on my shit when needed and got me out of my own way and onto an amazing business. You get what you pay for in one session and the rest is a bonus! Being able to talk to Brittany every week, pick her brain, and be accountable to the goals she helped me create was everything I needed to really get my business to take off. For anyone considering hiring Brittany, take my advice and just do it (ok maybe that is Nikes advice but I am using it! lol).
— Karey Kapell
Since I’ve invested into coaching with Brittany my business has built itself from the ground up completely! I’ve earned over $3500 in a span of 2 months (crazy right!?). I sold out my first two workshops and I’ve begun to create offerings that feel aligned with who I am and what I want to bring into my clients lives. This coaching didn’t just elevate my business, it allowed me to grow as well. Brittany holds you accountable to the growth you want to cultivate within your business. When you show up, the opportunities do too. I can’t thank you enough for graciously offering your time and service to help me grow into an entrepreneur. The craziest thing is that I just started stepping into my business in January 2018 and as of April 1st 2018 I am going to be working for myself! My journey has just begun and I can’t thank Brittany enough for being my guiding light and mentor during this entire process.
— A.B.
Results from Laurel, Inner Evolution

Results from Laurel, Inner Evolution

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee any specific results. I am not a financial advisor or have any financial background/degree. I can only share you my personal practice around healing my past relationship with money, practices I have used to change my energetic beliefs and states of being around receiving more money. This is a 4 week course of what has worked for me and countless others. Although I can not guarantee or say you will receive results, an increase of income, or any change in your money relationship.